Dragon Magick Journal

I’d like to dedicate this thread specifically for Dragons and their great work

Dragons are sadly very underrated creatures mostly due to the lack of information on Dragon Magick available to the public

Dragons are probably the most ancient creatures in the multiverse, some say they were even created before the Angels

Dragons hold a level of consciousness that is so fast and powerful that you could say they are “Magick” itself, their magick is unlike any other I’ve ever seen and that’s coming from a magician that’s worked with pretty much all pantheons, demons and angels across the board

There’s just something different about dragons, so I’m dedicating this thread to dragon magick specifically, so that there is a collection of knowledge whether it practices, incantations, mantras, rituals etc. that can be shared publicly if dragons would feel comfortable with sharing their secrets of course, I’m sure they would love to a have a steady platform where they can give techniques and practices to magicians that wish to work with them and share knowledge with others on their behalf

Im a firm believer that a lot of the high magical practices today came from the Dragons, so I can’t even imagine the level of potential this thread could reach if there was common place to share their knowledge in the digital age we live in

There are 9 Elements in Dragon Magick


It is highly advised to start with the lower 4 elemental rulers

Terra Fauna- Earth

  • Offering isn’t necessary but some water, coffee or wine or earthy foods are good
  • Strength, defense, money, endurance, healing, luck, wealth, wisdom, justice, harvest, wholeness, solid foundations and hard work

Cora’Legra- Water

  • Healing, emotions, calm, nurturing and weather, compassion, sadness, cold, cleansing, life, growth, wrath, giving, taking, love, jealousy, shadow work
  • Offerings- water, beer

Ingus Salore- Fire

  • Intensity
  • Tough love type of lessons
  • Humorous
  • Blunt and In your face
  • Dominating but pure intentions
  • Moves fast
  • Willpower, passion levels, anger-rage-hate issues, areas of love, cleansing, protection and courage, aggressive form of protection, transformation, banishing other entities, sentient beings etc., strength, justice, survival, needs, seeks justice
  • Needs-items of passion, wants, other passions, be specific
  • Offerings- spicy foods, stones-black and red, volcanic stones, spicy herbs or few shiny coins, grilled foods

Zepher Zeal- Air

  • Matters of magick, business, education, intellect, exams, retaining information… wisdom, all matters of the mind, good for contracts and investments, astral flight and astral travel, communication skills, traveling protection, speeding up manifestation, finding life path, weather magick, debating, public speaking, make transitions go smoothly, art, writing and music

Dragonsblood incense(from what I know they all like it) but I’m sure he likes other things too, it best to ask

(All Dragons like Dragonsblood incense)

It’s best to start with the first 4 rulers, as an experienced magician I can say, be very careful with Dragons, they are extremely powerful

The moment I summon them my psychic senses open up like crazy and communication becomes effortless… I’d suggest working with the feminine dragons first for healing and shadow work but it isn’t a requirement obviously

There are some Dragon Magick channels on YouTube but by far the best one I’ve come across is Workingdragonmystic

I got the names of the rulers from him and he’s pretty experienced in Dragon Magick

So if any of you choose to work with the dragons, it would be greatly appreciated to share the knowledge they allow you to share publicly on this post

Looking forward to your reviews and revelations, to those that choose to work with the dragons and share their experiences :clinking_glasses:


Cora’Legra- Ruler of the Dragons of Water

Yesterday I was feeling pretty out of it, I didn’t even feel like getting out of bed… I had no willingness to do anything

So I did that for a bit but it became increasingly hard to feel the pain I was feeling, as if there was a numbness in my heart due to a lot of the pain I experienced in my life so far

I didn’t have anyone to consult nor anyone that would even be able to understand or just simply nurture

I summoned Cora’Legra because I thought it was time to heal and let go of the baggage…

The second I summoned her I started to cry… like before I even consciously noticed, tears were coming down my eyes, and then my astral senses opened, I could hear her very clearly…

She was honestly all I needed, her love and nurturing energy was so soothing, she coiled around me and started breathing blue fire down my crown, and things started to make sense, like I had hidden emotions, and thoughts

She showed me how the betrayals and neglect in my life allowed resentment to enter my heart and how I chose anger and hatred as a protective shield against harm, it all came out…

Honestly it was pretty painful but it felt good because I was letting it out, it was like I could actually feel my heart again, I wasn’t as angry anymore and I didn’t feel irritation in my lower chakras anymore…

After sitting for a bit feeling emotionally drained, she started to bring more positive emotions in my being, funny visuals and it felt genuine, like I was genuinely laughing from my heart, because I didn’t have the muck blocking me from feeling happiness anymore, it was a very intimate experience but I’m sharing it anyway because I know it can help people especially magicians that have a lot pain fueling them which seems to be a common catalyst among practitioners…

I feel upgraded today, and I’m dedicating some time to work with Cora’Legra specifically, will keep posting for sure

If you feel the call to work with any of the Rulers please report what you learn and your experiences on this journal post if you feel the desire to share



I had another meditation with Cora’Legra today

To remove guilt and sadness

Almost instantly my emotions came to the surface and she also gave me clarifications on why certain things happened in my life

And how a lot of them were actually qlippothic initiations

She told me that emotions don’t work with thoughts, and to heal emotionally is to become like an Innocent Infant again without all the mental clutter and endless mind chatter

I also almost left my body, I was about the astral travel and I could feel myself leaving my physical body but then I was bombarded with mental attacks so it didn’t really happen

By Neo cortex was very activated, I could feel my chi activating my higher brain, she also healed and activated a lot of astral senses, visualization and psychic faculties

She also told me when people prioritize healing their soul, you multitask in your spiritual endeavors, so if you’re working super hard to unlock your astral senses, or get money or become a powerful magician, just meditating and sitting with your soul can basically align all of that for you simultaneously

When we do things we operate linearly from the 3D ego

When we meditate we’re operating from energy and from the quantum field, so we get to learn multidimensionally rather than linearly

I highly suggest Cora’Legra to everyone she is the best along with the Egyptian goddesses

If you wonder how I summon her, I just use an invoking pentagram and chant her name and when I’m done I close it

I will keep posting my experiences with the permission of the dragons, I highly encourage for all of you to share your experiences as well🥂


Meditation with Zepher Zeal- Ruler of the Dragons of Air

Zepher Zeal just like the other dragons I’ve worked with makes his presence very apparent and known, as I started the meditation he took a humanoid dragon type form

The entire room became a golden yellow color and we started the chat

He’s a real master of the mind, I asked him to empower my magickal powers, to empower and fortify my mind, astral projection and astral senses etc.

My clairvoyance got significantly improved with my meditations with him, my conversations with him have also become much more fluent

He gave me clarity on a lot of my questions

He asked me what I like to do, and we started to converse casually

I didn’t know what to say besides magick and self development, and he thought that was pretty boring, because he showed me these things are essentially to fill a void, it doesn’t fulfill the heart he said

Suddenly I started to receive visions I’d get when I was a child, playing the piano and singing

The energy I got from this filled my heart with golden energy and bliss

He showed me that everyone should have at least one thing they do regularly that activates their heart chakra and isn’t goal oriented

He showed me that this allows the consciousness to be connected to the zero point field and to live from the heart

He said everything is created from the zero point, and having a creative/artistic activity really helps everything over all

Anything that releases desire and roots you into the moment, is something everyone should have in their lives he said, this is what allows greater energy to flow into one’s life on all levels of the self, he showed me this is how people tap into the gold within them and everything revolves around this zero point state

Overall it was a powerful meditation I thanked and gave him the license to depart, looking forward to meditating with him again soon

P.S He also helps with writing and musical endeavors


Like the content regarding dragons and thank for sharing will difenely stay tuned in.

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Meditation with Ingus Salore

Besides the stuff the breathing technique he showed me

I wanted his guidance on masculine energy and masculine empowerment

He showed me real men face fears

Yang being the descending light, it’s very nature descends into darkness

it has to be strong like the phallus and has to burn with fire and will, desire but it most not burn too hot otherwise you might just release your vital fluids

He showed me a strong man does not get angry because anger means the feminine is insecure, which points to the masculine energy being weak

He said you gotta stop being so damn sensitive basically, he said that’s a major key but it’s different then being desensitized

He said there should be a fire around you and within that burns away toxicity, don’t avoid it

Feel everything but with fire, face your emotions with the masculine fire he showed me, don’t judge them, simply hold space for them, because the very act of judging emotions still comes from an insecure feminine that is enduced by a toxic masculine energy

He showed me that man’s solar plexus burns like a fire place, your obstacles are your wood for the fire, you don’t want to take on too much at once, build the fire slowly, going hard on yourself just feeds imbalance he said…

He suddenly brought up sexual visions at that point, he was like this is what you want isn’t it, you want sacred sexuality and divine union, honestly this was a more raw and intense version of my sexual fantasies, as if he knew me better then myself

He showed a man without a girl will become more neutral in with his masculine fire unless he has big shoes to fill

He wanted me to enter the vision, he wanted me to shape my masculine energy through sexual visions, creating dominance and just nasty sex in general, I found a whole new side to myself, that is kinda demonic but fun and insatiably pleasurable and addictive

He is like the greatest wingman with women, he’s got your back, he’s got that wolf pack type of vibe, if you get along with him and build relationship with him, it’ll be very masculine and humorous, he’s also very protective though, aggressively protective, he’s fair overall

I had a meditation with him and I feel like more in my masculine energy instantly, I highly recommend him :clinking_glasses:

And he also said to stay away from fried foods, he encourages eating spicy foods as a way to increase masculine energy in the gut🌞

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I would like to know more about darkness,chaos, and maelstrom in dragon magick.

What even are the maelstrom and chaos elements you listed?

I don’t know anything about dragon magick yet.

Maelstrom is like storm energy but it’s pure arcane/magickal energy in its most raw essence, it’s definitely not recommended for beginners even if you’ve worked with beings like Lucifer, dragons are a completely different category

The darkness is the yin aspect of the universe

Chaos is the primordial darkness it’s not light or darkness but you could say it’s all of the elements combined, that’s at least how I see it


Thanks. @Alahimavatara.

So no kind of dragon magick is recommended for beginners?

Alright I guess I will do non-dragon magick until I am a more skilled and successful mage then.

If you read the first post , I said that it’s advised even by the dragons to start with the base 4 elemental rulers, like earth, water, fire and air

Do a dragonsflame ritual daily(you can find that on YouTube) which will help attune your consciousness to the Draconic current

Dragons are negative ascended beings, meaning they’ve been through hell and back and they are masters of chaos and some of the most powerful beings in the multiverse, do not try to bind them or curse them, they will consume all of it, be respectful and you’ll be fine, they are your equals so don’t put them on a pedestal

Know that they will give you tasks and put you to work

They teach the 3 arcane pillars, the center and foundation being meditation

Soul Travel

Which is what EA talks about as the Godlike powers, these are the essentials for any magickal practice with the dragons

They like direct communication so your astral senses have to wide open if you want to do advanced workings with them, it definitely takes dedication on a fundamental level with these beings, otherwise it’ll be very shallow but you’ll still feel their power, I always feel their presence 100x stronger than any other entity I summon, it doesn’t mean their better or anything, it’s just something I continue to notice


Ah I see. Thanks.

I will probably do that eventually but for now I don’t even have working astral senses yet.

@Alahimavatara Omg so excited to have found this Thread!!! Great information as well . I am a newbie to this site so if I’m overexcited please be patient :grin:


Any chance of you continuing said thread or channeling names for the other 5 rulers?

The Magician that channeled these names has been requested by the dragons to be kept secret for now, even though they were released before, the dragons requested that he take them down for now, I have some of their names, there’s a lot of things hidden regarding the higher elemental rulers, I think it’s safe for you to start off with the base for 4 rulers, if they think you’re ready for the higher rulers which is really next level stuff, they’ll direct you to them

That’s actually what the magician suggests also, the base 4 rulers just by their presence will change you in extreme ways, exposing yourself to the higher ones unprepared is not wise, like I have their names besides the chaos dragon, and even I haven’t dared to get into working wjth the higher rulers yet, and that’s me speaking as a fairly advanced magician

The base 4 rulers are the foundation for what you will learn from the higher rulers, when you are ready you will connect with them, prematurely connecting with them can potentially wreck your life and there’s no need for that


Hmm i see.
So i should work with the 4 rulers first with my guardian dragon and the co magician till they guide me to the other rulers?

Well I personally don’t believe you need a guardian dragon or comagician to work with these dragons, I’ve done it without them many times but it’s maybe because I’m attuned Draconic energy naturally but it can be intense for humans

So a guardian can help out and co magician but I don’t see them as necessary I always call them on though


It’s been a while but I have some things to share

A few months ago a friend of mine got robbed at gun point, his car and everything was stolen, so I summoned Ingus Salore(Ruler of the Fire Dragons) a week later, the cops found it, it was trashed but the insurance gave him money for a new car.

On a side note tho, these dragons work incredibly fast, faster than any other spirit I’ve met in my entire life.

Even with the recent curses, retrieving other stolen items, I reach out the Ingus Salore and he never fails.

I saw a few sneaky magicians that think they are the shit completely ruined by this dragon, he literally eats all the curses and attacks like a dessert and then laughs about it, if people talk shit or conspire against me, his very laughter causes them to fail, the power is so crazy, it’s insane.

Dragon Magick conquers all :dragon_face:


I just watched a video on the dragon flame ritual by Working Dragon Mystic.

Now he said to visualize the dragons rising from their compass directions. You know, east south north west.
But since such directions are so subjective and your north might not be my north, I don’t know how to do that.

Also when calling out to the elemental dragon rulers in this ritual, can that be done all just by thought rather than external physical voice? I’m guessing that should work but would like to be sure.

Also do I have to call upon each dragon in the same order as instructed by the video?
Can I for example, do my own “lesser rituals of dragon fire” where there is a separate ritual for each dragon that can be done in any order?

Should I just freely experiment and see what works for me personally?

This is awesome and might just be the one ritual I can do every day consistently.

I had a truly remarkable experience with a fire dragon, at first I felt threatened and started defending / attacking it . He would just whip his tale and send me flying laughing at me saying your powers will not work here.

After he said that something came over me and I asked for his help, I felt him access my whole brain my child hood the lot, it’s like he had a key to my thoughts. He than said follow me, I jumped on his back flew out of his cave and all of a sudden I was at moment in child hood with my mum, I burst into tears saying I am so sorry for everything, the emotion was the highest I’ve felt. (I’ve wanted to fix the relationship with my mum for many years due to mistakes I made when I was younger). The dragon pops his head in the window of the house and says “quickly we must leave” it was like he time travelled me to a moment of my life that would have changed everything had I had just apologised. Since this happened, I can say that my relationship with my mother is slowly starting to get better. I was gifted that day and I am truly thankful for the dragons help, I just wish I got his name.

Yeah, fire dragons can help with anger, and restoring balance to the fire element throughout the multiverse, they are very quantum beings that are beyond time, which makes them interesting spirits to work with