hello happy holidays everyone, I would like to know why a spirit may have tried to drag me into the dark (physically while) after calling her.

Doesn’t really give us much to go on…

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This confuses me, called her how? Do you know this spirit and did you do something to make the spirit wanting to " drag you into the darkness "? You also tagged Astaroth, do you think it’s Astaroth?

Sounds like those Paranormal Activity movies lol, had to say it.

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Call on Lord Yeesch before your next ritual.

I don’t think it’s for us to say…

Did you ask it what it wanted or what it was trying to tell you with that?
if not, my suggestion is to repeat the ritual with proper banishings to ensure you get the eight entity and ask. A being of Astaroth’s level will work with you, a lesser entity will lie.

I also got dragged half off the bed a couple of times.
Now it just turns my body around from stomach position to facing up on my back.
But it might not be the same spirit.
The one in the past was more violent and this spirit i found is more of love.

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if it’s astaroth I thought I had written it but apparently not, it turns out that my experiences with it are the ones that stand out the most. I had a moment of obsession where I tried to evoke her at all costs and investigating about her one day she appeared in the form of a pale woman with dark hair and dressed in white, when investigating her appearance I noticed that it was the same form as the banshees which indicated that A death was approaching and I ended up being like that, from that day on in the calls that made him strange things happened.
What I forgot to say was that that day I called him and he appeared to me in my dream as an angel with black wings, great physique, and long hair with dark silver armor, when I woke up he gave me sleep paralysis (something that whenever I called a spirit happened to me when it came to my call, which I don’t know if it still happens because I stopped using magic) and after seeing through other eyes (which rarely happens to me without or with magic) I noticed that I was being dragged from legs in the dark.

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I’m not sure I follow you. What death?

If you don’t like it, I’d suggest you banish whoever it is.

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I have my own issues with Astaroth. I just found out my crazy husband has been throwing out things that have a five pointed star shape (like handles on the bathroom cabinet) in addition to wanting a divorce. And she dragged met to hell so I could get him back. Now it seems like everyone I am close to have dissociative identity disorder (where they say one thing, but they also have another side to them that they don’t remember that says and does the opposite. This is beyond fucked up. I think I know the root of this though. There has been such and emphasis in my family on the math and science, and on logic, and the feminine social and creative side has been devalued and neglected. (so of course Astaroth got mad)