Draconian ritual book experiences

So im creating this thread cause i couldnt really find much on the search bar about it. Has anyone here comoleted all the rites from the book? If so how was your experience? And also is it toed to the qplippoth?

I was just about to create a similar thread. I saw a post a year ago where someone has said that, in working with the Draconian Ritual Book, women have found him irresistible. Or something along those lines. I’ve been looking for that thread for a long time and have never been able to find it.

I’ve seen similar posts and wanted to ask the following questions.

  1. What book(s) do/did they use?
  2. What rituals did they use? What time and days did they use them? And how long did they wait before moving on?
  3. Do you really need to give blood with each ritual? Is it nightly or just weekly? Can you substitute it for anything else?
  4. Did you go through any other practices before working with the LHP? If so, what tradition, books, meditations, and rituals?
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Yea i saw one where a poster went through the ritual book but then never posted again :face_with_spiral_eyes: so im a bit wary… looked online but not many have talked about their expeirnce with the rituals.

It’s literally called “Draconian Ritual”, written by Asenath Mason, and part of a series of books out of her order, the Temple of Ascending flame.

There are free materials at the website where you can read more. There’s a mix of currents here incluing lovecraftian but you probably want this free essay here: The Path of the Dragon.

“Draco” means dragon. “Serpent power” means kundalini.

You’d be best off reading the book I linked above, it tells you everything in there.

No, and you don’t need to have pathworked the Qlipphoth to work with this book.

It’s basically about generating a kundalini awakening, plus how to design rituals to use that energy for magickal purposes.


Have you used it? Whats youre experience?

Also i saw from the very few posts that it mentions the dragon energy eating them and being reborn from the dragon. Also how youll never be the same. Just wondering looking for experince folks have had from the long term effects of the energies etc.

Im actually reading it. Ita hars to say as i am dping 2 different practices both deal with the root chakra.

One breathes into the sacrel then exhales into the root.

Then the draconian practice is abit different. Breathing into the root and exhaling and the energy expands

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Actually i have an update.

I was doing the enwrgy raising method in the ritual dracionian book. Last night. It was more xoncentrated effort. I suggest having more focus.

The feeling on thr fire was intense. Maybe thr most intense i ever felt using any method. I feel like i could have passed out it was so strong.

I think spinal breathing may be slower and safer. I have not put alot of time into it.

The other method i mentioned, breathing onto the dantiwn. Then exhaling into the root. Does give sensations of heat and movement. Ita less intense though

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Interesting i havent gone too far into the meditations i was doing the “clairs” one they had… the one you did was it the main ritual meditation?

I think. It was the basic one

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