DoM ritual didn’t work, advice please

how many in the world have the greatest dream ever and strong desire of their goals to be rich in their head? very strong thoughts/feelings. Did all of them take action and do the gritty work to get their goal or dream? I rest my case.

If I may ask, which demon did you use? And what was the experience like for you?

It’s a funny one I asked Duke Sallos to make someone talk about his feelings for me , went out after the ritual and the targets friend told me that target really likes you so I always classifies the ritual as “almost successful” however just this month after 2 years I was reading the book again and in the ritual one which I had done it says the result comes as signs and omens so my ritual wasn’t “almost success” it was actually a full success!


Yeah—I might have said “xxx agrees to my terms in a court of law and to a judge.” Otherwise, they may agree to someone who’s irrelevant.

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Omg. Just reading this and it just hit me. “Thoughts/feelings != action”.

I evoked Dantalion 2 weeks ago. From an unpleasant situation regarding love, the thoughts and feelings of my target changed. What shocked me… he called me and sent me a message proving it 5 MINUTES after finishing the ritual. Dantalion is amazing indeed.

But… my target is not acting. He has shown the feelings I wanted for him to have, but no action. He has told me his thoughts and was exactly what I wanted for him to think… but no action. I’m confused and is obvious he’s confused with what he feels/thinks now.

I need action now. Will involve Sallos (is about love) and probably Seere. Will see :slight_smile:


Two weeks is a good turnaround for any kind of movement so that’s awesome!

Sallos is great here (giving the target a “strong determination to act on that love”.


Have you hung out with your ex yet?

Yes, a couple of times since our fight and my evokation. We speak regularly too. He has tried to invite himself to my place several times but I don’t want only sex, so I’m trying to keep him at bay while making him understand that I’m attracted to him too, just I’ll not accept that kind of relationship.

You’re blocking the potential for things to work. Trust the magick that more will happen than just sex…

You mean him trying to sleep together can be the first step towards where I want to go and where I made magick for?

We were in a relationship, we broke up in a very friendly way and stayed as just sex for 3 weeks… that’s when our fight came, I honestly don’t want to feel stupid again just giving him what he wants while he’s around looking for a wife… but you may be right that I’m blocking the magick and the door for other things to happen…

Don’t be a doormat but, yeah the intimacy can lead to more. I would trust the magick and roll with it personally. Clay Andrews is a terrific ex-back dating coach on youtube and you can learn some great things from him on building the emotional connection and relationship skills to make your relationship last when you do get back together. I recommended him to another member here who is having great success.

WAW. I just checked his videos and looks really promising. Watched one (“my ex is confused”) and is gold. Thank you very much! I’m sure they will be super useful for me:)

My ex is super religious so me not giving in the sex makes him respect my strength, actually. But of course sex meant us spending lots of time together, going out, intimacy… things that now are not happening and that could help towards having a relationship.
I just don’t want to feel like a stupid if I give in and after that he’s satisfied and just moves on. I’m confused as to whether him insisting in sex is about his hurt ego as I cut it, or if all his words (saying he’s afraid to lose me, that he feels he’d even give in to temptation with me if he would be with someone else…) are true and I should capitalize on them.

Anyway, thank you very much for your help, really!!

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it all depends on what sex represent for you and the meaning you put into it. For him as well. some people think sex is the relationship and that’s it. If it’s not there, then they move on. In this case, it’s not about the person but the sex. Many don’t know what a real relationship is.

I finally gave in to sex and was a bad idea. Is not that he just stopped calling after it or something like this. We had an argument next morning and he told me basically that I was cornering him into a relationship. Apparently is not what he wants, so I’m not sure now if all his words were because of Dantalion (honestly he said what I asked him to say) or because he just wanted sex. Or maybe the way I behaved blowed things up.

I’ll continue with my plans on calling the demons, but I’ll add some that will not bring very good things to him.


there’s no cornering into relationship. you want it or you don’t. it’s simple. he just making things complicated with excuses. seems like he just want sex and sticking around for it.

when people have argument over stuff that can be talked out by avoidance. It means they are superficial.

there’s body language signs if the person is interested in you or interested in your goods or what you can give. Their behaviors tells too. Are they interested in you as a person or in what you can give? think about that.

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I agree. And taking into account that we work together and he was supposed to be worried about losing me (that I would leave the company) and I was trying to make an effort to keep things friendly and he was insisting on more, it’s pretty dumb of him. He has pressured me during our relationship to convert to his religion (wtf) and behave like a total hypocrite. This will really cost me my job. But I’m hitting back with demons, I don’t care anymore. Don’t wish him death or something like this, but some nasty things are coming his way.

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death is pretty good will determination. Most death curse don’t work as people often get results short of their goal. Not angry hatred enough. If one hold back than, the then the results may not work.

It’s like saying i want him to suffer with such and such but i don’t want him get hurt this way. Don’t that seem contradictory? Say what you want , not what you dont’ want.

You’re right, and that’s why I don’t want to try to throw a, let’s say, illness curse at him, but then specify: But not too strong.

I’m not interested on his death (never!), but there’s some other things that I have in mind that will fuck him. Nothing that is too big for what he has done, so that I don’t feel guilty, as that would be the way my magick wouldn’t work.

cord cut, weaken his defenses, use spells to bring out the worst him. Make him lose his job not yours.

Good ideas, thanks! I know what will hurt him the most in the context I want: I intent to destroy one relationship if his (not romantic) and to make his businesses/plans fail while taking away his reputation. Nothing super dramatic, just temporary. Just trying to find the best way to do it. Some demons have a pretty scary reputation (hello Andras, GlasyaL) so it may be a good idea to evoke them through a method like Demons of Magick… I’ve used it tho and I’m not super happy about it. Contacting Dantalion directly brought me results faster.

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