DOM by Gordon Winterfield question

Hey guys. I got a question about Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. Yes I have checked the search function but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I want to know if some of you practiced the rituals within the book and if you have used the Holy Names and Names of Angels as quoted in the book.
I really want to try the rituals within the book as it is simply put and beginner friendly, however i really don’t feel the urge to use Holy names and names of angels when working with the demons. I just feel like I am putting a demon in a box when constraining them with those methods. Yes i understand that it is for my protection etc but i mean there are other ways of protection and banishings you can do before ritual right?

What are your thoughts and have you modified the rituals given in the book without Holy Names and Names of Angels… this includes the sigils given too.

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I’d advise you to use the rituals as they are written if you would like to see the effects as expected.

Otherwise you can create your own rituals with the same spirits or find another system thst better suits your mindset.

I’ve only used a few of the rituals written by winter field, but I did follow the system he set in place.

How can you determine, if the working doesn’t appear to work later, If it was the system or your changes If you don’t at least attempt it.

That being said, now-a-days I am still a very avid occult reader. I’ll try most anything at least once, but I tend to take out most of the tools, And things that I feel are extra or simply there to help build the magicians mind set… I feel like if you were thst far along tho, this wouldn’t be a question, it would be something you just did.


The divine names are part of the integral sections of the book. I will advise against its removal if you are still going to use the book (Demon of Magick).

Here is what I got from a Search.
" Demons of magick" as a keyword


A few people on the forum asked the demons if they are ok with these rituals and they were fine with them.
Gordon Winterfield specifies in the book that the angels give power to the demon so you could weaken the results if you strip them out of the ritual.

I suggest you first try the ritual as it is written and create your own later if you feel the need to.


Some would advice against using restraints on demons since that forces them insted of working with them.
That said one of the things ive taken to heart from EA is to find a working system and stick to it for learning and once mastered you can modigt it to suit your needs.
Same with this i would use the systems as outlined but If you feel you do t like the constraints then find another system to use unless you feel co fridens enough to put something together yourself.


This question comes up a lot, and it is only those who worship demons religiously who seem to think they are offended by the Divine names and angels. They have been evoked this way for centuries without issue.

Always learn a system as it is written before trying to change it. If you don’t know how it works the way it is, then taking out something could short circuit everything.


Thank you guys. Your feedback has been noted. I’ll try a few rituals from the book and post my results once done.I must say that this is the first book that i’ve read until the end and i was just curious around my question.


That’s your own belief. Just follow the instructions for safety. And if you read the boook carefully. them angels is helping you get the message across and to help call up the demons. It’s not restraining them.

If you think your better then those authors who’s at magick for decades and research it and tested it. Go ahead and be creative and see where that goes. U might not like it. =o)

goetia pathworking by corwin don’t use angel names. A different approach to 72 demons.


The author uses the word “constrain,” but in some ways I think this carries an overly negative connotation. One way to think about how the magick works is that the angels set up the background, while the demons work within the situation. The angels will set things up so that the demons can make the most of their power to teach you and fulfill your desires.

There are times when the angels will “constrain” the demons from carrying out a specific task, and I’ve used this allegory to explain this before - imagine that you are the CEO of a company, and the demons are your executive suite. The angels are like outside consultants that you bring in to advise your company. You can run your plans by your consultants, and they will use their outside knowledge and expertise to advise you and help you get what you really want. This is a very limited analogy, as the angels do far more than just advise you and the demons, and you’ll discover more for yourself as you work the magick.