Dollar Store Magick: Magick for a Dollar

There is a D******** branded dollar store near me. And they have an abundance of candles, oils, and incense. Not to mention a pretty decent Arts & Crafts section. Everything is a dollar. (Actually $1.25 US dollars.)

I would post a link to their website, but I think the mods wouldn’t accept it.

Is anyone interested in collaborating on a book or a guide to doing magick with dollar store stuff, please put it here, or PM me your stuff?



In the Uk they’re called Pound Shops :grinning:

I get a lot of candles and apothecary jars from dollar stores, I also make my own candles as bulk wax is cheaper by volume even than that. My local stores are getting low on stock though. You can also get boxes of 200, 250, 400 etc votives fairly cheap on Amazon or ebay, and I found tapers at michaels for a good price.

Also check out Homegoods and Marshalls: they sometimes have things like large decor crystals you can make into magickal tools.

I don’t know if I could kit out a whole altar from a dollar store, and their stuff is overstock so it’s kind of random. Mine had black plates that were great for writing sigils on in white chalk pen once.


Thanks, @Mulberry for the UK perspective. I like a lot of the culture over there. I watch a lot of the BBC stuff on PBS and there is a Sky News channel on my Smart TV.


Omg black plates and white chalk pen, that’s a fucking awesome idea. I juat saw some black plates for a couple bucks at Dollar General. Thank you!


Yes! Dollar General is nice, but I like Dollar Tree better even though their stock is usually quite limited and unpredictable. If you’re not there to catch something, you’re not gonna see it again! Family Dollar is about the same as Dollar General.

And let’s not forget, the biggest “dollar stores” of them all, Walmart and Costco!

LOL! It’s true though.

(Facts: Dollar General and Dollar Tree are owned by the same corporation.)


I get stuff there all the time to be honest.

I always try to reuse something I have at home, if it fits the need. I have hoarded glass jars for years and used to give boxes of them away to people who made candles (or probably witches, looking back now). Now I always grocery shop with an eye towards items in interesting glass containers. I rescued a glass Yoohoo bottle today that had been thrown out in a field. Cleaned it up, looks great, and it will house my next spell jar. Stuff like this costs nothing but one’s energy and intent. That carries a lot of weight in my workings.

The universe scatters glass bottles in my path a lot, it just occurred to me.

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I also have leftover empty spaghetti sauce and gravy jars. I still don’t know what to do with them.

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Agreed from the few times I’ve been there they have packs of like 20 candles sometimes more for a dollar

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Those are great for herbs. I have amased quite a collection, most stored in saved food jars. Or dollar tree/general jars.

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