Doll of myself for fame

Is it possible to create a doll of myself using my own hair, nails and blood and then wrap it with gold ribbon all the while visualising myself on stage performing making the crowd go crazy?

Perhaps I could place some liquorice inside the doll to give off dominance and then I could write all over the doll phrases such as my stage name and “platinum album” “10,000,000 views” “best artist in the uk”.

And then maybe hang it from my studio ceiling to symbolise high ground.

If you can visualize, and can gather those items, then it is possible.

Personally, not sure why licorice and not something else, but as long as you have a reason!

I would advice against “hanging it”. Maybe place it on a high shelf instead?

I don’t see the point? The idea of using dolls is to use sympathetic magic… what happens to the doll happens to the target the doll is linked to. This is great when you don’t want the outcome on the target traced back to you, or you can’t be there to do, say, a healing. But you have full access to yourself, no?

So if you want to make the doll famous to make you famous, that seems inefficient. Might as well just work on being famous yourself directly.

Better to just use the visualisation on it’s own. Work with entities for creating good work and others for bringing business.