Doll magic and evocation of the living

Lately I’ve been pondering the possible connections between evoking living people and the creation of effigies or “voodoo dolls” as they are popularly known. The instructions that I commonly see involve creating the figure and then putting nail clippings, hair,photographs, or name papers inside them. I still think that’s a good thing to do.

The next thing is that the figure is given the target’s name sometimes with a kind of baptism. I’m wondering how much of a boost in efficacy would be given by evoking the target and binding them to the effigy. Once they are bound thusly you proceed to “do stuff” to the doll as normal whether for good or ill. Anyone tried this approach?


I recently tried this and I’ve seen results in days. I didn’t use a doll per se, but a skull candle with the name of my target carved all over and a name paper underneath it. I burnt the candle for five days, each day calling a Lwa into a needle and pinning it into the skull candle as a means to influence and dominate. I then wrapped three threads around it and once it was hollow, I filled it with herbs, oils, name papers, paper veves, and a link to the target, and sealed it with wax. I think an important thing to do when working this kind of spell, is to treat the newly created fetish as an extension of the target, addressing it by your target’s name, etc.


That’s awesome. Have you tried this kind of magic previously with out the evocation and binding? If so was there a noticeable difference in result?


I haven’t tried it without the binding or links. I didn’t do a full out evocation per se, but I might as well have. I did once use it without names and the results manifested more slowly than the more recent one.


I have done this without an evocation. Highly and dangerously successful. Voodou dolls are my go-to


This is quite the interesting thread!

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Would you mind teaching me a few things about doll magick

I primarily use clay as my medium. I write a letter of intent and gather elements to symbolize my intentions. At this I begin to work the clay into shape all the while imagining the intention as well as reading out my letter of intent over and over.

I shape a humanoid appearance and leave an open chest cavity. Focus all your energy into it now until drained. Once complete I place all the items in the cavity and seal up with another piece. Seal thoroughly. All the while saying it’s complete, to renew it put paint on it that symbolizes the intention. Imagining rejuvenating the figure. Let no one else see it or touch it except yourself.


Thats usually my process, has never failed.

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These are the steps:

Always do the basics, perform a banishing, Then do a cleansing, Next would require a ritual of breaking any hex, further I suggest a full chakra cleansing and grounding to finish.

Takes a bit of work to bind some one like how you say and it would require a bit of work to break it.

Ritual is nothing special, more like a meditation with a candle and incense. Begin to imagine the spell breaking up in the flame. Do it till you feel good and just let the candle burn itself out, it’ll be done then.


Okay wow! I was just watching the dark Tantra video and he actually goes into this exact concept. Specifically, stealing a person’s spirit and putting it into an object where it can then be worked on for good or ill. Interesting synchronicity.


A doll may indeed be a simulacrum for a living person, it’s possible to evoke the latter alone or in conjunction with a ‘cosmic entity’ (angel, demon). In any case the operator may say “Let this doll be named John Doe” and proceed to formulate what that individual must think, say etc.
An holographic image (or something similar but more ‘accessible’) of the person or of a generic man/woman is usable instead of the doll and for example, instead of needles, the image may be hit with the ray of a laser pen.


What is that
And fr beginners can do it too?

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Would you say that’s absolutely necessary

They are voodoo spirits.
This doesn’t sound like beginner stuff…but everyone has to start somewhere.

I’m close with Lucifer and I feel he has my back

Is it possible without a link to the target?

How long do you meditate on it, and how do you place a Lwa into the needles? Your method seems fast, and I’m still trying to get something to work.