Doing Your Own Thing in the Spirit of the LHP

Being self-confident and assertive can come off to some as being an asshole. (“You feel SO sure of yourself.”, “You think you’re all that.”, “You ain’t nobody!” etc.)

Yes, in a sense what Trump did was a very magickal act. And, it worked! And, there is a lot we can all learn from Trump.

I always try to intone the infamous mantra from Jesse Jackson: “I am somebody.” It sounds funny, but it actually works for me. Especially, when I embrace the “I AM” portion of the statement.

“I AM somebody.”

This is what I mean by “being selfish and an asshole”. Some dude I met when I stayed in a homeless shelter some years ago said, “Be careful who you call an asshole because we all have one.”

Being an asshole does not make you a “bad” person or means you have no morals. It just means you don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks.

I do my own thing, as long as I’m not harming anybody and/or breaking the law.

When you are in that mindset, you are experiencing TRUE freedom.

That is the true aim of the LHP. This is what Ayn Rand and Trump embodies in practice.


That is a very powerful secret hidden right within the modern English language. And we use it to impose Limitations on ourselves all the time. “I am hungry. I am tired. I am sick.”

Try it just by itself and see what you feel. Try it without any Limitations.

I know the quality of my own life improved immensely when I just stopped caring what other people thought of me. It was very liberating.


That’s what it means to be truly Based.

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Why restrict yourself? Some are born victims. Magicians can be subtle and quick to anger. You reach a point were issues like that don’t matter. I did.