Doing The Stellar Eye Technique - My Experience and fuck up

Before I did anything I practiced remembering Luficers mantra by singing it and writing it down a bunch of times. By doing this I felt a strange presence or at least something happening. I believe while doing this I already had somehow garnered his attention.

After trying to remember the rest I turned off all the lights and lied down instead, facing east. I started the ritual/technique whatever you wanna call it. As quick as I started I fucked it up as well.
I forgot to do the mantra, couldn’t keep my eyes focused and barely open, blinking constantly. And whilst visualizing the dragons eye it appeared as red instead the the supposed blue.

I dropped it realizing tonight wasn’t the night and left it there. Saying that if Lucifer was present for him to leave or stay as he please. Quickly after I ended it I felt something in my abdomen area as if the energy that was (I assume) exchanged was taken away and given back.


I decided to at least make the dark and the state of mind I was in somewhat useful to meditate real quick and seeing if anything would happen. I got dragged, by presumably Lucifer, through a round big portal.
(Lucifer and myself being depicted as white silhouettes without a singular detail and just being white as if coming from a drawing)
I entered it and Lucifer showed me the actual dragons eyes. Being huge and obviously stellar blue in colour. He also seemingly talked to me but I didn’t hear anything which made me think I might be completely and spiritually deaf if that’s a thing. As I have seen the most brief and vaguest energy silhouettes since I was 13 but never have I heard anything.

If you got any advice, tips or thoughts you want to leave please share. I’d love to know what everyone thinks of it. I will try the technique again tomorrow and hopefully with more result.

P.S. Almost immediately when I started writing I felt like Lucifer didn’t want me to but I couldn’t tell if it was my imagination or not. As I’m writing this last bit my back/left shoulderblade feels like it’s lowkey being burned for some reason. Doesn’t hurt though, thought I’d put this down here as well. Not sure what to make of it.

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Forgot to give the link to the technique so here we go:

Merci, I will try this.