Doing magic with limited place and supplies - looking for ideas

Long time since I posted here last time…
However, I would appreciate a bit of your opinion and creativity.

Point is, I have to do a ritual on one of my roommates. Therefore, I cannot do a proper magic at our flat as we are living quite open. Best solution would be to make a poppet magic (this is what I actually need), but I cant make an altar, proper poppet and burn a black candle for a few days, as magic is my hidden secret.

Currently what I am doing is using hair, meditating while holding it, and calling the forces which I need, imagining that they are coming to our realm, influencing the person and at the end seeing the person in the moment as if my ritual was fruitful. So generally, I would call is direct magic, and everything is happening in my mind only in full silence. But I have an internal feeling that something stronger should be used :wink:
I also sometimes state my wish with force saying it loudly while driving my car and left there small gift to the forces called for performing my ritual.

I cant even use the candles made only for my spell… but we are burning tea lights often. I meditate sometimes and this is the only thing which will not look strange. But maybe I could use the powers of burning tealights and use their power to have a stronger connection into a spirit world? And instead of making poppet, I could take some fruit, meditate on it (put a spell like “if NN will eat that orange than my wish will become reality”) and give it to eat to my target?

So, as you see, my magic as far as possible from a properly made ritual. All taken together and performed in one place could be a full rite, but I do not have a place in which I could do and store a poppet and burning the candle on it daily…

Any suggestions, how I could increase power of my magic and make it better would be great. In normal conditions I would not ask, but this living situation is quite new for me, so I have to use what I have. Thanks a lot in advance.

Have you tried finding a secret place that isn’t in the flat? Is there a little patch of woods somewhere, where you can do it unnoticed and unbothered? Behind a building? Something like that? It sounds like you really want to do the ritual thing, (which I don’t blame you–it gets your mind in the right place). However, what you’re doing, since you don’t have a place, sounds good.

Have you considered doing the ritual type magic in your mind in an astral temple?

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I’m assuming you have a bathroom? You can do a poppet in there. I don’t know what your intentions on this target are, but stabbing or binding or burning, scalding, drowning or whatever you want to do to a poppet can happen while you are “taking a dump and long bath.” Be creative. Dispose of said poppet outside. Give it to a crossroad deity or throw it in a river flowing away from you. Bury it in a cemetary or field. Whatever fits. Again. Be creative as limits are only put on you BY you.

As far as the rest, a tealight is FINE for any spellwork or summoning that you want to do. If that is all you can do then draw the sigil on a paper in your mind or carve it on a candle in your mind in the astral. Your astral temple or see it right there on the table in front of you. If you are using the hair that is a direct link. So when you feel the presence of the entity you are requesting help from, then just burn the hair in the tealight after you have discussed your request with him or her.

You have to just KNOW it is done. You were heard and your request will be done. I think a lot of your problem is that you are thinking what you’re doing is not going to work because its not enough. I have had my best (worst) most effective spells all done with nothing but focus, emotion and directed energy toward an intent, and then walking away and forgetting about it.

Thanks a lot to two of you. You have given me the things that I was lacking the most - faith in success and strong believe that it will succeed.

Regarding astral temple - I do nr have one place build in my head to do the magic. When I have to put a spell on another person, I am usually imagining them in the environment, that’s easiest me to focus on the target. So usually a teacher would be played in a school, mechanic in the garage and so on, but it also happened to me to act in nowhere. A place, where there is nothing, only me and my target. The rest was so not important, that I even cant name the colour who was surrounding us… no black no white no green… color was nothing as well.

And I also created my most demolishing curse using only mind, a direct link to my victim and doing daily constant for for like 30 minutes. I did not had a contact with my targets, unless I got the messages from my target that this thing happened.

I constructed my temple on the astral plane. The new connection hit almost immediately, I’m not entirely sure I’ll ever actually need a physical alter, or anything. Sigil “magik” is also a rather minimalist style, a piece of paper, and something to draw with is all you need, and in my experience, sigils you create for yourself seem to be more powerful.

This is the best solution I saw. Looks pro as fuck

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Thanks bro. I worked hard on it and am proud of it.

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