Does this feel inhabited or like a portrait of "someone" to anyone else?

Found it at Goodwill for 4 bucks!
Went to look at picture frames for spirit vessels and found her!

Been interested in tantrikas and Dakini and Sexual Goddesses of Magickak Initiaiton and I know this is a manifestation of my goal I set on slowly connecting to a higher goddess for sexual unification and a relationship of teacher as well as lover.

I am not rushing this and not working in it at all when any spiritual bullshit is present.
I only want to work toward this after diligent banishing EVERY TIME I DO ANYTHING RELATED TO IT.

But uhh

Antvody with better clairs able to tell me if this thing is a being already lol Because it feels kind of like it might be but I also know that I’ve been around a lot of parasite infested people lately, so I am hesitant to even try to interact with it tonight until I do some prolonged meditation and banishing Because I can feel something is unright with the force lol.

First thing I thought was "Agrat Bat Mahalat has been on my mind this week and Ive been feeling her call to me but I wasnt sure if this matched her personality.

Well shoot from my little research rn it seems like it is closer to the nature of Agrat than Lilith for sure!

Shes beautiful, that is certain.

I would say it has the spirit of the painter in it, just from having spent the time on it. I think they can coexist, but you could ask the painters spirit in meditation to be sure, and likewise ask Agrat Bat Mahalat if that’s cool or if you should exorcise the painter’s energy.

I had a similar thing with a statue I got as a vessel for Ereshkigal. When I got it Lilith was present. I had a chat and they coexist, though I tend to only talk to Ereshkigal it was Lilith choice to stay and it’s not a problem.


Feels creepy to me. anything odd go on around it?

Yeah and actually yeah weird stuff
It was in the car with us last night and my friend saw like a huge flying thing like a mothman or some shit out of this side of the car. Then we heard Bells and weird mechanical noises and then we met up with my friend and she just heard a robot outside!

However there are so many enthusiasts going around all the people that we associate with, And I very well could just have something from my friend’s house because that has been happening every single time I go over there at night forgot I went over there and didn’t vanish the other day

()_() Right then. thats a bit above your average garden variety “booger”! I’d donate it back to where I got it and let them deal with it. OR… heheheh… You have one of two things, a spirit or demon attached OR a temporal disruption, both can be useful OR dangerous as hell. If its a spirit, leave offerings and look up my thread in here on feeding demons and see if it reacts one way or the other, if you make friends/can communicate you’re pages ahead in the game if you befriend it! But… in any case I’d remove the thing from my house to a storage building or shed. leave a radio playing something from the era the picture was created in, some soothing incense and an offering of energy, let it know, you know its in there but you’re not mad about it and you’re offering peaceful contact/a source of nutrition and a peaceful place to chill in pleasant surroundings. Now if it’s a temporal disruption, you’re just going to get more strange things in its immediate area, put it in a metal box or sell it to that museum full of cursed stuff.
Temporal distortions can be useful too, but the means to do so are a bit hard to come by and implement unless you know where the other end of the curve goes, in your case it sounds like the future. If its not a spirit, I’d donate it to somebody I hate. LOL