Does ones dark Lilith/ dark moon point to which deities they should work with?

So in astrology, we all have a dark moon or Lilith. I’ve heard a few practitioners say that whatever star sign your dark moon is in, points to which spirits, Gods or deities you would have an easier time working with.

Also, my dark moon/Lilith is in Leo. With that being said, are there any spirits that are good for people with their dark moons in Leo? Is this even a thing? I’m sure it is, but can anyone answer this? :thinking:


Your astrology doesn’t really point to a deity you work well with or any spirit for that matter, simply because these beings are beyond the astrological associations humanity puts together.

You’re better off working with an entity you choose to and forming the bond yourself rather than relying on astrology to do it.


That would be like the Black Sun Thagirion. Belphegor, Sorath you might give them a try

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How would that correlate to a persons dark moon?
Just wondering

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Leo - Heart - Sun

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I’m with @anon48079295 on this one. My astrology chart should indicate a weak Sun but I tend to vibe better with Solar deities and despite my astrology been somewhat passive, I prefer warrior entities.

Now if you must work with a darker Lunar entity, try out Kali Ma, Heckate, Selene or Mani.


Dark Moon/Lilith only changes every nine months so it is a pretty general placement as well as it not even being very significant individually. If you want to see what deities would be good for you to work with I would check your Sun, Moon, and North Node for individual workings. For workings on others check Venus and or Mars for relationships, for them specifically check all of their placements if possible.


I found these to be very true

AFAIK Lilith represents your subconscious desires and urges - the strong ones not able to resists :wink:

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Well, it’s important to think about what Dark Moon/Lilith is in astronomy. Astronomically, it’s just the furthest point of the moon’s orbit. Therefore the very repressed stuff about you, not inherently sexual until the associations with Lilith but definitely can represent hidden maternal urges. Dark Moon/Lilith is also a really general placement since it only changes every nine months, most people around you will have it in the same sign and maybe even the same houses.

Probably the Underworlders and the Tartarus Rogue Gallery.

no, how would the specific demons you listed relate to someone’s dark moon?

Erm… thanks?

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I love the idea of the underworld, but the actual different planes of the underworld, that’s a different story, a story my soul isn’t ready to ascend upon yet lol

Interesting, I didn’t know that.

I just wanted to know if there were corresponding deities or spirits for specific dark moon signs, but it seems like that’s not the case.

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Yes, that was certainly true for my Lilith in Leo

I have mostly Saturn and Neptune/Uranus energy in my chart. Overall my most dominant element is air.

What kind of entities would you recommend with that in mind? :thinking:

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So this is actually discussed in Qliphothic Astrology. I’m just going to address what I see here. However, it goes over the planets, not the Black Moon Lilith.

Here is something that needs to be understood: Astrology is actually very complicated. You can’t look at it from a surface level, otherwise you shred off important information. “Weak” energies or signs/planets in your chart, aren’t necessarily saying that you are going to have a hard time working with those energies. It doesn’t dictate what you can work with, rather, it serves to reveal what spirits/skills might best compliment you based on the exact moment you were born and when something is Square, etc, it shows what energies can help turn that weakness into greatness. Much like in @Twilight_Dragon’s case.

My Solar is Virgo. This pairs me with: Zepar, Alloces, Botis, Camio, Bathin and Murmur.
These are spirits that are mostly associated with: Familiars, Necromancy, communication, divination, sex, herb craft, astral magick, shapeshifting, and alchemy.

If I get specific and go off of the exact degree, I get Alloces only. I haven’t worked with Alloces before and obviously I don’t have to and neither do you. This is just another tool to use. It’s not your end all be all.

^Those are practices that I’ve been doing for a long time now. I didn’t even know that this was the case until I came on this thread and decided to pull out the book from my shelf, so for me that says something.

Really, working with those “Weaker” energies would actually help smooth out the rough areas of your chart. Especially when worked with on internal level.

For example, let’s say that someone was born under a Mercury Retrograde. Obviously, they’re going to have that detriment in their chart. Working with Mercury in a internal manner would actually help blunt the detriment. It’s not that they can’t or will have a hard time working Mercurial energies.

So, Dark Moon Lilith is what is our most repressed emotions and aspects of ourselves (or rather the chart) that we shun and hide away. It’s apart of our shadow. So depending on what sign is in your Lilith, you could work with those spirits to help in your shadow work for example.


Hope that helps. I was a little all over the place. Lol.

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No need to be shy :slight_smile:

I had no idea Qlipothic astrology was a thing.

I certainly appreciate you taking the time out to fetch a book from your shelf to tell me this.

I know my sun is very much death energy and sexual energy (Scorpio).

So I will work with my dark moon aspects, I just don’t know how to work on them to make them less severe and problematic

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