Does number 111 mean anything?

Hi, I had a dream last night and it was a very vivid dream. I usually can’t remember my dream when i woke up but this time it stays in my head. I heard a voice saying 111 and somehow i feel like they are asking me to find out more about it.

anyone know the meaning?


Depends on the source. If it’s an angel number:

But if you’re into gematria, look it up that way - follow your intuition.


111 is the Number of highest realms, powerful energy related with kheter and so also of Thaumiel. As above so below, Solve et coagula

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Have you been seeing it constantly? I have as well.

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Just thinking about the spirits draws them near. Your not being able to sense them doesn’t mean they can’t see you.

The most likely explanation is it’s a message from your own higher self, saying, yes you’re on the path to awaken, keep at it, do more work etc.

Best place to start is to develop your internal energy, learn basic hygiene practices like cleansing and banishing and balancing yourself, and raise your vibrations. Evoking is more fun when you can sense the presences in the room.

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