Does Lucifer work for Satan?

Firstly I want you to understand that im rather newbie to these things, so dont judge me too harsly, okay?

Some of you might already know this youtuber called Last Frontier Medium “Melinda Kay Lyons” who makes videos about astral travel, angels, demons and shit like. In this video she tells her meeting with Lucifer who told her there was never “fall” like we understood it, they voluntarily chose simply leave Heaven for unknown reasons. There never was any conflict between Fallen angels and regular angels. She also explains that he works for Satan, and worship him. So does Satan therefore control all 72 Ars Goetia spirits? Why would Lucifer become Satan’s servant?


My gnosis, shared by others I know, is Lucifer is not Satan’s servant. Satan is a title and name used by many. He does not serve anyone, Lucifer is his own boss, he is the emperor of the infernal empire. He is as high as he can get on the ladder amd there is no one above him.
No Satan doesn’t control the goetics, Lucifer does.


Lucifer is one of the kindest of the entities, you can always talk to him, express your concerns, respectfully, he’ll be cold at first, but quickly warms, and makes you feel comforted. Just learn as much as you can beforehand.


But she claimed in that video otherwise, Lucifer obeys Satan, Melinda even stated that Satan cast a spell on Lucifer?

I’ve experimented with deities on my own. Along my journey, I choose the one that works for me. There is so much contradictory information everywhere that this is really the only way to know (to see for yourself).

Take what people say about the spiritual world with a grain of salt unless it is from a trusted source.


I suppose that is the only certain way to know surely about how things really are, thoguh i have full confidence what Melinda says in her videos. :triumph:

Oh, this lady again :roll_eyes:

She can claim anything she wants, it’s her youtube channel. But just because she claims it doesn’t make it fact.


She is quite popular on here, right? Yes, she writes those books about paranormal and demons for living but i belive her, im just here hearing your opinions.

I… don’t think so lol.

But really, instead of taking someone’s word (whose job it is to get subscribers and sell books) at face value, why not ask and experience for yourself and then compare what you’ve come to learn yourself with others and see what vibes?


sorry for the address LOL :joy: :rofl:

Yes yes, i get your point, i should try to experience myself this reality more…intensly?

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I dunno if this helps or if I should even say this, but Lucifer communicated to me that mankind, and humankind are not the same thing. I don’t fully understand what that means yet, but I’m searching.
He showed me a paradox of sorts, that we have to break the cycle of deception. Together, then individually, then together again.

“The truest deceiver is the one that persists in telling you that the other is deceptive.”

Basically, we gotta get out of the bucket of crabs, and we can’t let the false or misleading perception of another pull us back into the bucket to repeat the cycle of deception.
Work with him, sincerely request him to shine his light on the deception laid before you.


Okay, but im not convinced. I have to see this reality myself more closely.

Why not evoke them and get the info straight…?? Debating vs asking them directly pretty much makes sense…

Good luck!


you honestly think they have time to waste on some newbies, questions which they hear all the time? Im not serious about Lucifer but Satan certainly is STRONG, i can sense him everytime , even if i just merely think his name. I dont want more negativity into my life, thats why i dont want to deal with them

No worries man, nobody is forcing you to do anything…
All at your own time and peril…

I was stating that if indeed you needed some clarity, the thing to do would be to ask them and not people.
My opinion.
Also, labeling yourself a newbie does not make them want to work with you any less…
If you make time for them they will make time for you…
Regardless… Even if they hear the same questions a million times… They want to assist in your ascent.

Don’t ever feel like you are inferior to work with them.
Not saying we all need to be cowboys, but we can stand our own.

Once again. Good luck.

Dark regards


You can’t believe every YouTuber, Lucifer does not work for Satan, and some of the other things she says are a but iffy as well. You should check out behemoth x on YouTube, not the band, a fellow sorcerer.


More like the Infernal Satan works for Lucifer, the title satan is held by a ranking demon within the Infernal who is under Lucifer, however the Goetia is a rank under Satan’s rank but a lot of the goetia like Belial, Asmodeus, Lilith the younger, Leviathan, etc are a part of another council that is outside and above the goetia as well.


People need to stop believing every occult related thing there is on YouTube, this is, in my opinion, very wrong, as in my opinion, Lucifer works for no one


Yeah 5 minutes in and I felt like punching every moron that follows this YouTube idiot, anyone that has worked extensively with lucifer knows he got no beef with the Archangels


You know you can’t believe every single thing just because someone said it, right?