Does Lucifer take a respite around this time?


Can’t seem to feel his presence or contact him. Dont know if I’ve done something or if he takes a moments rest after the October celebrations. Anyone who knows him better than I, is that a thing?


Actually, he’s okay at any time. Feel free to summon him.


Alright. Maybe my connections just not so string because I havent been keeping up with stuff lately.


It’s okay, find yourself and then try to summon him again. He always listens!


This can happen after a while.

All you have to do is rekindle your connection, immerse yourself back into him again.

Simply mediate upon his sigil offer it blood, open the sigil and perform any exercise to connect with him.

You can simply recite his enn, or invoke him, what I love doing to get a very strong connection is reciting both incantations to summon the light and dark aspects of Lucifer, then afterwards recite the Litany Of Lucifer.

Here try this post I made it’ll help.


I agree.


That’s good to know. Thank you everyone.


I’ve also felt like he was… faded? Like his energy wasn’t as strong as before, but that goes for all demons to me


:rofl: I don’t think so! He was with me and strongly presence!