Does Lucifer Answer prayers?

Do you have to do rituals and summoning for Lucifer to help you? Or will a simple prayer suffice?

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A prayer would be heard and possibly be effective, but maybe a ritual of evocation allows a greater “incoming” of the Spirit’s power.

Lucifer hears all prayers. Saying his name alone, tends to bring him forth. Lucifer is a strong, helpful friend. Call him, he will come. As long as you have the correct intent in heart and make it clear what you want, he will guide you on the right path.


He saved my life, and I love him. No one will ever shake my love for Lord Lucifer.

Yes, he hears all prayers, and he will come in desperate need. But he has also come to me whenever I’d merely needed a friend.

I have tears in my eyes as I write this.

AVE LUCIFER, Hail to the Morning Star.


Thank you for sharing. I’m also thankful to have Lucifer in my life. He always has my back. Love him :heart:.

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In my experience, Lucifer answers all prayers, even the most simple ones.


I will testify to the above and more.

Lord Emperor Lucifer answers prayers.

And he does not make you wait on him like that other god. He only asks for gratitude and recognition. No bowing, no worshiping, no singing and dancing, no sacrifices.

Hail Lucifer!


I would say most definitely so long as the request is within reason.


He does he has came to me twice now once in person and last night he help me sleep in met with me with a few other he is wonderful

I think I’m going to invite him to my astral Temple at some point. I would really love to introduce him to my succubus and our cambion.

It would be a most joyous occasion. I would pull out all the stops. His sigil will adorn every wall, the candles will all burn with a black flame, and the meal that will be served will be fit for the gods that we are. My own infernal team will play music of his choosing, and we will have a throne set up to hear his teachings.

I can hardly wait.

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Does anyone think Lucifer can help me with my request ?

Manifesting him or any isn’t easy so I wish you luck with that and also ask if you can keep me updated on how it went

Even though I met him face to face still no clue how I did it it was a very extreme and astounding experience to say the least

The one time I did an actually evocation of him, I was facing the East, and I saw him walking down a hill towards me. That image is forever burned into my mind, and I have never seen him look more beautiful, and I have never loved him more than in that moment.

You are absolutely right, his energy is extreme. But I enjoyed it.

So you remember how he looked I k ow they take on different looks for each person but Im curious

I don’t know, I remember absolutely how beautiful he was. Bare-chested, wearing a tunic that only covered his lower half. Black wings stretched out, arm stretched out, eyes burning with the fury of the Sun. His black hair trailing behind him, swept by the astral wind. His Olive complected skin glistened as he moved towards me, and his voice, a voice full of love and understanding, told me what I needed to hear in that moment.

Here’s what is strange, although I am very decidedly bisexual, as beautiful as he was, I felt no sexual attraction to him, just extreme love. Like a father, or a longtime mentor. I know that he’s very proud of me for my accomplishments and the fact that I was able to overcome the horrors that I’ve had to go through for the past year. But I would never, ever, for any reason, forsake his infernal name.

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He scared the crap out of me he pulled me out of a dream just to have a talk… I was up set since I was dreaming about food I love my food dreams you know any way he came to me as a beautiful man yes but yellow Bright eyes and blonde flowing hair and darkish skin I remember asking him why he was doing this and he said because you love a demon

I read that either him or Lilith shows up once you make a marriage contract with some one in there faction it was very unexpected but oh did I mention I could see right through him lol yeah but I was happy to have such an experience even though it freaked me out in the end

I forgot that you are in a relationship with Furfur.

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Lmao its different I don’t hear much about him on here not as much as I speak about him at least

How to pray to him? I have prayed to him multiple times but no answer from him I do love him very much.

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