Getting my job back

I got fired after messing up. To make it short the only reason im not 100% gone is because they didn’t follow the proper termination procedure. I asked Kings Belial and Paimon to help me but still no results. I asked Prince Orobas for my job back and he said if i want it its mine but I still dont have it.

Who else can help me ? It’s really the higher ups I have to influence. Or i want to tell one of the president’s to get me out of it. Which demon could help me in a short time?

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Magic isn’t a magic wand, I don’t care how many times you watched Harry Potter.

All that magic does is that it stacks the deck in your favor, you still have to go up and petition your old job to get your job back. They’re not going to call you and start screaming apologies and beg you to come back for 5 times your original income.


Um… That’s what I plan on doing.

I will call one of the higher ups and tell him what happened. My understanding is that they are already at fault because the didn’t follow the proper termination procedure. But they dont care they still want to fire me.

I want to call, explain what happened and have him take my side and bring me back.

Then do it. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for the spirits to actually manifest your will.

Make sure that you dump a lot of emotion into your ritual, that will be your Catalyst for success. I recommend that after you read this, that you turn off your phone or computer, grab your ritual tools, and get to work.

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I don’t have ritual tools. Which demon do you recommend I ask ?

I’ll tell you why, instead of telling you what demons to work with, how about I just give you a tarot reading whether or not it would be a worth the effort for you to even bother trying to get your old job back?


Ok sure