Does j.d temple succubus matchmaking work

The price is 700$ , so am just wondering if someone experienced and can verify that it went well with them and if it is legit for sure.

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Depending on wether it’s just the title of a product or it specifically finds you a succubus is what I will tell you.

If you’re looking for a succubus, go to Lilith herself. If it’s just a funny title for a love spell, maybe it’ll work.

Well am still new to the this path, and just recently discovered this site. Doubt I can contact Lilith anytime soon… so that’s why am wondering if j.d temple is legit.
I mean having someone who actually knows how to contact spirits and help you get in a long last bond is always more assured way where I won’t have to ask my self if i got heard, Trying to evoke/invoke a spirit and sit and hope that it worked and I was heard well… I heard that it’s always more pleasant to advance spiritually with a spirit mentoring you.
Am not attracted to human woman all that much but the thought of a Demoness/succubus just turns me on and I can’t help it.

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If you ask me, paying $700 for someone to hook you up with a succubus is foolish and a waste of money. I’m not a fan of paying for things at all when it comes to magic. There are so many free resources out there. Look up succupedia’s page about summoning a succubus. It is dead easy and you get contact within 24 hours, or if not the first week. I say read up about it. You will have to develop psychically to engage with her anyway.


I did the ritual a few times and well nothing worked, just gave up on that. My question is still there. Is he legit?

Have you researched succubi? What kind of contact are you expecting, a full-blown possession or sudden phantasms on the spot? These things start subtly, especially for a beginner.

And I’d say no, because even though I know nothing about him and don’t approve of paying at all, you could get much cheaper. Some people order rings or necklaces with succubi attached to them.

I have researched everything there is about succubus , I tried different methods and yet nothing works, well I heard of the simple signs that the succubus is there. Yet I didn’t feel any of them so I would assume it didn’t work. I did read some succubus blogs and most of them got into a bond thanks to someone they know, that’s why I wanna try this method. Again money is not an issue if what j.d is offering is real.

He is legit and has videos of clients who have had success.
If it’s a questionable price don’t go for it.
He does explain, in detail, exactly what he gives and does in videos about it. I can find his YouTube if you want to ask him yourself.

A newbie can contact Lilith, don’t feel you can’t. If you don’t feel comfortable with what he gives talk to her. Get her sigil, pen and paper, and go for it.

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I’d be wary about purchasing a piece of jewelry with a Succubi attached to it. If you ask for one, you’re more likely to get one who chooses you back. Just like you they have different things they look for in a partner. J.D has a long history and lots of experience in working with Lilith and her sons/daughters. It’s nothing you can’t do yourself, though I believe his ritual will also include the name and sigil of your lover.

The letter method is wonderfully effective, highly adaptable, and can be pulled off by a complete novice. You don’t need to go to Lilith either if for whatever reason that doesn’t work for you. Try Naamah, Sitri, or Asmodeus, all of them deal heavily with Incubi and Succubi as well.


Well I didn’t get a succubus that’s for sure but… something else answered my call. I personally asked my mother to help me with 1 thing, she’s a pendulum expert and I asked her if there are any entity’s attached to me. After checking she did find 1, the entity said it’s an infernal being. Through me I asked a question what does he/she want from me, using the words it showed”friendship” “respect” and I asked the purpose, it said “ teaching “

Overall She said she’s my spirit guide and I sometimes hear her when I get sad and I get answers to my questions, but am still In doubt.

Am still young , 20yrs old and their is a lot to learn. Also I asked her if she’s a demon and the pendulum just stops moving at all, I get a feeling she just gets angry when I ask this question.


Also just wondering, does anyone have time to chat with me through Skype or anywhere else? Just typing. I feel a like a black wolf inside a pack full of white wolfs from where I am …

I have bought JD’s ritual I am following his instructions. It has only been a few days since I started so I will be glad to keep you updated on my progress. I have a thread called My journey into the world of Dark Magick you can find all of my updates there.

There’s different methods to doing this IMO it is not a of if it’s right or wrong it’s about what you want and feel is right for you.

Not against Succupedia’s methods and truth be known I used a little bit of his methods with JD’s with a mix of EA’s Demonic Incantations. I preferred JD’s methods simply for the fact that he also works with Lilith (the same as if you do in the letter of intent) and that he not only binds the entity to you but he gives you the name and sigil. Plus he walks you through the “contract” (pact) process.

Again it’s all about what works for you. Do your research, clear your mind and let your intuition take it from there.

Good luck in your search for your happiness.


Thank you for your response, do you feel any signs of pressence or light touchs?
I also hope I can find what am looking for. Also did j.d contact you within 48 hours or did it take more?

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I felt light touch. JD and I are in contact with each other on Facebook’s Messenger. He has kept in contact with me though you have to remember that he is a busy man dealing with other customers and his own life so if he doesn’t get back to you right away please keep that in mind.

If I may ask what are you looking for?

A companion, a lover, someone who won’t backstab me or use me like a lot of people I called friends did, from what I read a succubus that loves you is a very loyal friend and lover, something I have never had, yet I been looking for so long…
Tbh I bought a consultation with indigo priestess just to ask a few questions about the left hand path and it’s been like 5 days and am yet to hear from her. So I guess I should just forget about that and assume I got ripped off.
Could you tell me how does j.d bind the succubus to you?


I went through what you are going through and it was because of that, that lead me to EA Koetting.

I started out just wanting to for fill my sexual desires then realized that not only can I do that but learn from them (them being the 2 Incubi that I have bound to me, and I am getting more in the future.) the ways of Ascension.

Yes they are very loyal and jealous of you that’s why you have to be completely sure of what you want and of yourself.

I bought the rings and so forth and so on and got nothing. But you show me what and how you are doing something then you have a much better chance of getting my business.

Show me don’t tell me is what I live by.

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Do you have time to chat with me? Through Facebook or something similar, It seems we are very a like and I could use your help.

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