Does invoking angels stimulate the ego?

I’ve only called angels a couple of times but each time my ego gets amplified. I recently called Michael to learn about ‘authority’ in calling spirits. By the 4th day my insecurities, grievances and even my fear of death were all screaming at me.
I don’t really get why an angel would have that effect. I thought it would be the opposite. Any ideas?

You asked for it. The ego wants to stay here bro, of course if you stimulate its properties it’ll be driven from fear of death. The ego is a very earthly sort of anchor. It has a tremendous pull to the earth and the senses. Egomaniacs and narcissists have stimulated egos; they’re impressively action oriented, but it’s because they need to be.

It really is a test of faith when you go through these “processes”. Every single angel has a perception of its own, to the human mind — our experiences are quickly bent in the form of elasticity each time we make a calling or request.

Sometimes what they show you is what you’ve asked for. When we close a door, another one opens which is why I’ve learnt it’s never good to dwell or ruminate over the subsequent actions that happen in sequence after I inquest something to be done or had. It’s utter neurotic. I am already am. I don’t need the extra weight.

I could be assuming a million things right from to why my life isn’t to what it’s really suppose to be for me at the moment. I won’t ruminate how I’ve gotten in ruts or caught in between some spiritual link that’s causing disturbances, often as it seems, it probably is.

The stressors and components in your life are meant to show you where you’re travelling. When we ask of something; it’ll be delivered, but it won’t be us inscribing under what circumstance it’s going to be delivered. Which is why often people are astounded by subtle, sudden results or engulfing in that there’s consequence.

Link to my thread you may be interested in; no angel work. Just death gnosis and breath work. Excellent Breathing Technique! MUST TRY!

Ego is one of those words that is used by many in many different ways. For me ego is the same as self and current views of the self in psychology position the self as playing an integral part in human motivation, cognition, affect, and social identity.

After this introduction I will answer you that way, as I see things, contact with different beings above elemental (no matter demonic or angelic) is poking our psychosoma to integrating and evolving to become one with macrocosm. I suppose this is result of your contact with michael, those things you are experiencing are issues that need to be integrated by you now to go further in your development. You can try different strategies, I personaly recommend cognitive behavioural therapy with their good questions (lot of materials available freely on the web), you can go more magical, whatever you choose, overcoming your present state will boost you in many ways.

Unfortunately Spirits, in general, don’t want to do job for us, they bring relief from time to time nevertheless, there is no real spiritual progress if it is not backed up by development of your personality.

But after all it is good sign, Michael find you able and suited to confront with stuff inside you, and probably he will guide and strnghten you on this way if you decided to step forward. After all he is a warrior and guardian :innocent:

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Respect the fact they have knowledge you dont, and lessons they can inflict.

You may need to conquer your fears before attempting to be authoritative - someone who has authority has no fear of the rejection, their past, their fears. IF you demand authority and the response back is “no, you pervert”… what then… do you crumble as they know your sexual history? Or do you respond with more authority…

We are all trying to attune to a higher state, this requires shaking off earthly issues - if you cant find a source to the problem ask for more help… i also find 'not caring; blows many fears away…“oh well… who cares” attitude is very helpful at letting go

once you dont care, its abundant… i grew up wanting to be a millionaire… now i dont… and there are many reasons to it, the sacrifice required for the paper… the fact its not a quick fix… if i win the lottery tomorrow id probably be bored and lead myself down a hole… or maybe wouldnt, id start a new business venture with no fear of loss… THEY know what i’d do… they know i why im not a lottery winner… until i dont care at all about money… then it would arrive… and i wouldnt care, which is a good thing. Im passed showing off as a teenager, im passe dbragging at what i have an others dont… if anything it feels sickly to know id have millions and others are at food banks… Id rather pray for the sick to be fed and win money.

Back to your query though, GO WITH IT. You dont know the big plan ahead, you ask for something you need to get there with some effort yourself.

Im asking one archangel currently for help with a situation i dont know how to resolve, ill go with it, and put in my effort today the rest is over to them to get the end result or a better result than i imagined, thats how it works, dont control it, go with it.

Maybe he is teaching you the importance of the ego in relation to authority. If you want authority over spirits, having insecurities and a fear of death or loss is going to be very counter productive as the spirits you summon will know this and this will also effect your ability to show authority to them. Almost all great leaders and people in places of authority in the world do not have these issues or if they do happen experience them in a small way they will never show it otherwise the people they have authority over will see them as weak. Spirits are not likely to see you as authorative whilst showing these traits.

Ego isn’t a bad thing it’s you, it’s what makes you unique and not some sheep mentally dull individual. However, it might not be the angel doing it but the fact you are experiencing something beyond the physical. Such things make you reflect on what’s really going on internally and externally imo.


Thanks so much for the replies. They’ve made me rethink the whole experience. I can now see great potential in this.
It’s great to see so many clever people on one forum.

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Might be a force of negativity trying to stop you from working with him , his role and office is positive work .