Does Hell have a place where souls get tortured?

Or is that strictly a Judaic ideology?

I ask to those who have travelled there and have gotten to know the Infernal realm

Infernal has a prison, however, what goes on in them is up in the air.

but the religious idea of it is most likely just that religious dogma.


Thanks for the answer Velenos!

Hopefully they have paradise regions for people who werent criminals etc… and didnt worship god

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Hell is a complex topic, especially from a religious view point. Christianity is the only one of the three that views it as an eternal sentence for “wicked” souls. It seems to be close to a rehab center in Islam if i recall correctly, as there is a way out. In Judaism, the concept of Gehemen came much later, but like Islam is much like rehab. Eventually, every soul leaves at some point.

I plan on traveling to Gehemen to meet Dumah in his own realm when I am done working with Sandalphon


I ask a shaman
A witch a curandero and a occultist and a santa muerte. All difere a say its a prision yes like jail were u are made in stone well u soul yes stone cnt move but u can feel heat, cold and are sleeping ready to go to torture room another say yoh pay in life according to the santa m. Guy amother say tey burn u there, there, but if u ask Europe’s guys, difere a lot. I gess its a ciltural hell. Even budhists tibetan has pictures of tat, similar to crisyian church.

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In islam only muslims are allowed to leave hellfire if they get sent there as punishment for committing sins. But nobody else is said to be allowed out.

Why should i be tortured for being created. I never asked to be created. I’m to follow other men of corruption and deception by whats written in their doctrine and dogmatic rituals? Why? And even a god or gods or whatever; maybe yhey are lying and playing a huge game.

Sorry fucktard beings, why don’t you just play annihilation of me ever existing? Think i’m afraid of not existing. Not my fucking fault you beings can’t handle being forever alone disintigrating into nothingness, crying in your corners of the omniverse spreading creation like some god damn virus.



Tainting the void of nothingness. And fucking blame a mortal to hell? F U C K Y O U Very much.


Ah, thank you for the correction. If i recall correctly, everyone in Judaism eventually makes it out, but the Jewish people get out a month earlier than others. Doesn’t sound like dogma at all lol.

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I like the Chinese mythologies where a human can become a “demon” or an immortal depending on how they cultivate themselves after death, same with animal spirits. The white snake (not the cartoon) makes a nice display of it.


Lol you okay there?


i didnt know that about the chinese mythos

I think it’s part of Buddhism but I could be wrong

Agreed brother!!!

From my personal experience traveling, yes but they’ve been created by the person themselves.
There’s a few reasons that people do this, during or after incarnation, and it’s usually about wanting to be punished for something they feel guilty about. They could let themselves out at any time.

If you read E.A.'s works there are multiple places he has been tortured in various ways in the infernal, for various reasons, sometimes it was about cleansing and sometimes about being tested etc etc. I see the Lake of Fire ritual as being one of the cleansing experiences in this vein.

From Taoist belief, entities that wish to feed on our energy can entrap people who do not have the spiritual strength and understanding to avoid it, and kind of use then as slaves. This is a primary driver to cultivate spiritual strength while alive. I think I’d lump that in as one of the definitions of ‘hell’, myself, but I’m not 100% sure whether I accept this belief at this time. I haven’t investigated it further yet.

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Thats interesting!

Hiya OP! That depends on the Hell. Some of them are just mislabeled by religion and mythology due to sociopolitical motivations and pressures, and don’t actually possess that functionality. Others are dens for certain beings to punish and torture those who have annoyed or wronged them, or just for fun! :slight_smile:

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