Does chaos magick (or any) always lead to results through tower moments?

Quite generalized heading but it’s my experience. I’m just wondering, is it more the nature of chaos magick and deities I’m working with (e.g. Apep) that the results are gained through ”destruction moments”, or is it in general how anything works? [example story given]

I’ve noticed book rituals don’t seem to work for me but intuitively done ”askings” and rituals work. Radically and well. I’m guided through the process and typically I have always st least one ”I’ve been mislead” moment, before I soon notice it was something necessary to get exactly where I wanted to be. But c’moon, does it always need to be so devastating path? I mean like start-up bankruptcy before getting a new exciting job & life in a city I wanted, or latest ”Yes you are getting help with your relationship with this spesific man” —> out of nowhere breakup on a holiday.

During this recent break up I was Actually Angry. My spirit guides were sending white feathers on our balcony and otherwise confirming that my request is put on work just moments before this surprise break-up. However, to be honest I had been having premonitions, like weird out of nowhere feelings at the same day and written a ”not to be sended” omenous letter to this man a month before. I knew the timing was not right since he hadn’t handled yet his emotional baggage, but I thought spiritual help would resolve that problem to deepen our relationship.

I’m still being convinced by my guides that this is the way to get this exact man, I just need to move on first and he has to move on too. I was warned that by the time comes, I may not want him/trust him enough anymore, we’ll see.

I just think there must have been some other faster and more straight forward road to results. I mean, isnt anything supposed to be possible and there are multiple paths to one scenario… Do you go through more unexpected events when using chaos magick compared to other ways?

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As far as I understand it, no, the “chaos” in chaos magick is more about the freeform and individualistic style than the mechanism of delivery. But come to think of it, I’m not actually sure why it’s called that, it’s not called “eclectic diy magick”, so maybe? :slight_smile:


I was thinking maybe it’s related to ”free style methods”. Free hands to perform rituals/ask what you need —> free hands to make results. But yes, I was also wondering if the name ”chaos” is somehow descriptive… But if others don’t have similar experiences, maybe I should start emphasizing that I’d prefer ”optimal pathways to results” as well :grinning: I just feel that it’s too much to ask how things happen too

I think the chaos in the chaos paradigm is because it’s an “anything goes” approach to magick. You can literally use anything and everything to create your spells and rituals. While Eris, the Greek goddess of chaos and discord, figures prominently in the personal magick of some chaos magicians, her presence is not mandatory or necessary.

Edit to add: One of its earliest proponents was Peter Carroll and he was heavy into mathematical chaos theory as an explanation for magick so I think that is mainly where the name comes from.


That makes perfect sense. I was more wondering, does anything goes approach apply to delivery as well. The results are relatively fast and literal, but as the method the pathway to results is unpredictable.

The most radical, teaching lesson was when I asked my old dog would get to be the healthiest and happiest the rest of it’s life (she has slowly developing tumour) and in 30 min she nearly choked on a stick and nearly got fatal injuries to throat. I ofcourse reversed/corrected my request immediately in panic while waiting at the vet clinique. The vet told she hasn’t seen such luck, the stick avoided all the veins and crucial parts even it went deep.

Usually, no, it does not apply to the delivery of results. However, we can never really predict how exactly the magick will manifest as it generally takes the path of least resistance (hence Carroll’s use of chaos theory as an explanation).

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I guess tower moments are just the least resistance pathways to things I’m asking. Well, I just try to be more careful and explicit explaining what I want and trust the process no matter what happens.