Does banishing affect demons i work with?

My roommate keeps insisting on a banishing because she feels like something sinister is in our house that showed up multiple times in her dreams wrecking the house
But i read multiple times before that some demons took offense when a banishing happened and im worried it’d ruin my current work with multiple demons im currently establishing contact with

Now to add my work with demons is completely different from the usual way of ordering and cursing then banishing after etc as im a luciferian
I normally invite them with respect and offers and tell them to peacefully depart after finishing and have had no problems so far

One more thing i have the The Seal of Manifestation hung up to ward off any imposters during rituals but there were previous rituals made without the seal so we were worried thats where the evil spirit or imposter came from

I banish before I do any ritual. I do the LBRP. Together with Mantras, the Circle of Black Flames,I also have the seal and a sigil DK received from Raziel.

I learnt the hard way I needed to protect myself always. Like you, I also don’t force, bind or disrespect demons, but I do all these things.


So it wouldnt be offensive to them to banish? And it wouldnt affect my ongoing petitions to them?

In my experience, no. But as I said, I don’t banish after, I banish before.

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IME no. I usually banish beforehand. Then I give the demon licence to depart but also include “you are welcome to stay as long as you wish”. If you’re expressly inviting entities in, I don’t think they’ll be offended by someone else in your household banishing.


Banishing isn’t the end-all. I can banish and still have preferred entities/energy in my space. Why? Because I can set an exception for those I work with. I can also set a restriction, as banishing is really just a leveling of the energy of a space.

So, for example, I would call different entities into my space and, using intent, exclude them from the banishing. This gets rid of the energies from entities I won’t want around.

I can also say that energy of type X is allowed to stay. Say I want to work with land spirits for a bit an nothing else, even though there are other things in my space. I use intent to set an exclusion for them and banish the rest. This helps me ensure that I am only dealing with a specific type of spirit, if I am concerned.

Hope this helps.

P.S. I typically banish “unhelpful” entities and energy periodically. But working with powerful beings has a tendency to also do this, as the lesser ones get in their way! Pro-tip, if I’m a pro.


Ah, I can see that I should explain more.

I typically banish of the SYSTEM I am working in calls for it. I started with demonolatry (not demonology).

I am currently working with the Helios Unbound system, so I will follow that system.

I typically only work with God/deses and entities of similar level, so parasites don’t bother me. I’m also known for taking parasites and either making them food (after conversion) for me or food for others.

I am currently working with a system that calls for a banishing in the four quadrants of this element or that, so I am doing that to facilitate my growth. Otherwise, I “level” the energetic field by exerting my own field over my space. Prior to that, I used banishing rituals on a periodic basis, setting exclusions (by intent) for entities I validated and worked with.

I realize this may be overkill, but I wanted to type it up so others can search it for their knowledge.


I’ve had this exact question.

I called on Duke Dantalion this Sunday night. But I remember something weird came along and was dancing around on my left. I let it be and completed my petition to the Duke, discussed my wants and what I was offering in return etc. Then I went ahead and closed the ritual, gave the license to depart and then performed the LBRP (because I don’t have a better system for LHP banishing so I HAD to use the LBRP).

Does banishing only remove unwanted energy and spirits and not affect my work with the Duke? Because I got my positive signs afterwards from him in a very direct fashion.


Yeah im hoping the banishing gets rid of anything draining or getting in the way of my petitions since i feel like they’re almost working but not quite

Thanks a lot of the info

Also do you think i should banish while excluding everyone i wotk with name by name or should i just set my intentions to exclude anything negative except the spirits i wotk with as a whole without mentioning names?

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You can also call a demon to banish, Lord Yeesch is good

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It may be easier to just banish unhelpful entities and energies.

Since petitions are handled by Deities/Gods/Goddess, their ability to handle your petition should have nothing to do with your banishing in most cases.


I would banish before contacting demons.

I would also banish after or give a license to depart.

In my opinion and my relationship with demons you have them depart and do a banishing if necessary.

If I invite my employee into my office I expect them to leave after business is done. Same goes for demons.

If you want to do a long term working with a demon let them know and do it. Otherwise make sure you banish :+1:

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