Does Asgard exist (no seriously)

Have seen for the first time people working with Odin, Thor, Baldur, Loki etc…

(And I tried to open myself a little bit towards Odin, he says the earth is flat and we’re on Yggdrasil, the world tree and he calls earth: Midgard).

Back to the topic, do any of you think other realms exist? Such as Asgard.


My own cosmology sees all 9 Norse realms including Midguard and Asguard as real.

I see them as parallel explanations of parts of or encompassing realities from other systems I also use, whether it’s abyss, faery, the underworld or void, but when working with them I focus on the Norse-only descriptions.


Sometimes for me its best not to think too complicated, Odin said it just is and we’re too blinded, nothing more nothing less, he made my friend afraid because he tried to threaten Odin.

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I’m glad you think that way certainly liked your opinion on it :wink:

I’ve had experience traveling through the 9 worlds (which is why I don’t believe this world is Midgard) but yes I’d say it does, at least in my experience. The way I view the tree is that it sits between those realms connecting them. So far only accessed by Odin the king of the 9 worlds.

Yes it does.

Yeah this is no more fbi or CIA matter it’s an actual old man called Odin the deity gaining access through our Midgard and other realms

Yeah I dont believe this is Midgard, just like other pantheons had their own “Earth” or similar I feel based on my own experiences that Midgard is a separate realm from this one. I could be wrong, but so far I’m only going off what I’ve come to experience when traveling the 9 worlds.

Asgard is real.

Thought so, must be in extremely high in altitude lol, what if they’re not woke ish and see us as mythical beings

It’s not exactly literally high up in some tree lol or on clouds. However, the citizens there are very aware of stuff we’d deem as “mythical” humans (from here and other places) and nonhumans reside in Asgard.

Do you make contact with one of them?

You can’t exactly experience Asgard without experiencing its people.

Whats population over there lol

I’ve experienced humans, Ljósálfar, the Gods, and a few other etheric beings who follow the Norse Gods who I didn’t exactly expect to be there. However it is a pretty beautiful place in my opinion.

Nice does it look the same as in the avengers Asgard?

Lol no, but I do find that they do incorporate technology and magick/energy. Which was also something I found similar in some other pantheons as well. Avengers Asgard was flat and waters slipped into space lol.

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So you’re saying Asgard is round? Odin just told me the earth is flat and this earth is the original Midgard with many history cover ups.

I don’t really follow the flat earth theories. However, yes I’m saying Asgard isn’t flat like Avengers portrays it. It’s a realm a whole space within the planes, it’s the larger version of if someone decides to create a pocket realm.
Also that kind of sounds like conspiracy theories which seems better to not touch lol.

I don’t like flat earth either but that is what he keeps telling me, don’t overthink theories, it just is. According to Odin.