Does Archangel Michael serves any God or works under any God?

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So I read this thread Archangel Michael God of destruction & Chaos and I was wondering which God was Archangel Michael talking about?

“I am the cause of floods tornadoes hurricanes and earthquakes I kill millions and cause the deaths of God’s enemies I am the angel of death and the warrior of God’s armies,”

“Fear thy wrath and justice of the Lord or parish in the lake of fire and torment,”


The Highest Source. Michael himself is almost like God by himself. Need to remember that Source contains the All- all good and all bad things.


Angels don’t actually serve God. They (along with demons) are older than the Abrahamic religions. From my understanding, they don’t serve anyone. They just do their part in maintaining the universe.


Yep, but I was just wondering which "God’ and “Lord” Archangel Michael was talking about.

Archangel Michael exists in the Christian - Jewish - Islamic traditions. So you would need to look for that text, where exactly it’s from, and you will know which God he’s talking about.

If that text is from someone channeling or visualizing or whatever then no need to look anywhere. Save your time and energy, he’s talking about whatever God that person wants him to talk about, consciously or subconsciously, so better ask that person.


What Seraph said. Angels are “world above” spirits, i.e. archonic enforcers of the will of what the hermetists referred to as The All.


Abrahamic Religions-Yahweh
Anything else I’m not too sure

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