Archangel Michael God of destruction & Chaos

So if anyone is interested I am going to tell my experience with Michael (which for starters wasnt a good or pleasant one)

He is the opposite of angelic kind and loving this angel is furious and a god of destruction chaos and even death…
Honestly he scares the shit out of me and I work with demons…

He spoke with me and this is what he said

“I am the cause of floods tornadoes hurricanes and earthquakes I kill millions and cause the deaths of God’s enemies I am the angel of death and the warrior of God’s armies,”

“Fear thy wrath and justice of the Lord or parish in the lake of fire and torment,”

So in sort he is a spirit of baneful and destructive magick if you guys have had the same experience let me know I was frozen in shock when I heard this shit…



Yeah that sounds like him :metal:


He can be pretty dramatic at times.


This sigil looks like from Black magic evocation of the Shem ham phorash, by Gilles de Lavel


Yea, pissed that fella in a bad way in my first evocation of him. Had to appease later.


I believe the way you summon a spirit really matters. Depends which name, sigil and such you use to summon him.
Think of it this way, say your mom or wife always calls you by your nickname, when they call your full name you immediately know something is wrong. Also, the tone with which they call to you might also indicate their mood.
Same way with spirits. Different summoning chants might evoke different personalities within them and will determine how they show up. Some chants evoke the warrior aspect, others evoke the fun aspect, etc. How YOU carry yourself also when summoning them really matters. Maybe he showed up that way to you because you talk too much shit about Angels? Idk, I’m just making a joke. Tehehe.


Igne natura renovatur integra.

Yep, Michael is not cuddly. Also not malevolent, but sure as hell imposing. Have not ‘seen’ him myself or heard the voice, but the sensation and imagery sure is intimidating.

Just try to keep in mind the the ‘Lord’ Michael speaks of is not the biblical one, unless you ended up connecting with the perversion of it.


Micahel always come as a very powerful force but a benevolent one. kinda reminds me of Belial or Bael, I know they have the power behind them but its not like hes saying the things he said to you. I didnt use his chart sign though i just call upon the enochian name and hebrew one no symbol


I choose to believe the much easier solution that all the spirits and gods we’re evoking are merely aspects of our subconscious that we interact with usually through the drama of ritual. While I do believe that real gods exist, I don’t believe that anyone here is communicating with them (myself included).

I am interested in finding ways of accessing the power within me that the gods I’ve created are able to.


I’ve heard of that theory before, I’m not really a fan of it. We are all connected to them subconsciously through a spirit, which is why we can tap into the astral plans but I don’t believe they’re ‘a part of our subconscious’ in the way that I believe you mean.
They are their own beings. Currents of existence. Not all spirits are thought forms created by man. Some predate that. Some were born with the cosmos. Some were ‘canonized’ into sainthood and by worship and nourishment became gods. Some were born of desires.
Hence why there are several categorizations of spirits. Nature spirits, abstract genius spirits, guardian spirits, spirit guides etc.
ofcourse now adays thanks to lack of understanding all spirits are mainly grouped in two categories, Angels, Demons. Atleast to the masses. But much more ancient theologies categorized the spirits so we knew which were once humans, which were born of nature itself, which are nature itself. Etc.


Used to work with angels many years ago. I needed a spell to bind someone. Holy shit!!! That spell was nasty. It cured my thinking that Angels are loving beings immediately! Raphael’s been ok.


Oh this is very interesting, when Michael spoke to me he was very sweet and gentle so it’s an interesting contrast


The archangels are some of the most powerful warriors in existence. Benevolent? Mostly. Cute, cuddley and humane? Not so much.


What spell did you use?

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I seriously don’t remember, it was about 15 years ago.


Oh gosh!! Use a demon to invoke your memory!!!


Hahahaha, I think looking trough my old grimoires would be better. But seriously, that’s a spell I would stay away from. It’s not only binding but a torturous binding.
I just needed the person to stay out of my way, not to be tortured half to death. The punishment wouldn’t have fit the crime. :smiling_imp:


Yes not the Sigil of Michael. And I don’t know him this way. Powerful yes. But threatening to kill, only with a reason. On the other hand there are enough reasons if we look at man kind.

Correction it is the Sigil, but I use another one. This is a Sigil made by the Rose wheel


For me description suits Samael more. Michael in my experience is more protective, Powerful by BIG “P” and bring harmony and peace, it may include peace by force :stuck_out_tongue: . But I evoked mostly the Tiphareth/Sun aspect of this archangel so harmony is included in this sefira. And I had only pleasant experiences with him.


But this is exactly what I need!! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp: The worse, the better!! :ok_hand: