Does anyone work with djinn?

I’ve been working with multiple djinn for almost 2 years. Mariad and Shaitan(recently) race. Looking for someone that has experience working with djinn. To Share info, experiences, different methods for contact, tips, ect. I’m no master, I consider myself a novice, but have had great success with manifestation, contact, even gifts.

No, but I’d like to…can you give any advice where/how to start? I’ve been fascinated by them ever since reading the Arabian nights stories :slight_smile:

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I contacted one entity that said they were a djinn while working through the Mastering Divination Course. I got some tech from it but I have not been keen to use it just yet, as it involves some logistics I’m not ready to work. I stopped the communication after a few sessions and I don’t plan to continue until I verify the tech, which could be months or years since other things are more important right now.

Nineveh Shadrach is an author that seems to specialize in the jinn current. I’m in the middle of looking into his stuff now.

Im not positive but I think @Arcane would be the one to answer this.

You said gifts, hmm what gifts ??? :slight_smile:

Yeah I do do jinn magic, though I would not call it one of the things I specialize in, it’s definitely a branch that I enjoy. Feel free to PM me if there’s something you’d like to discuss.

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You can always soul travel back to when the Jinn was walking the earth with mankind in the days of Babylon and the other ancient lost nations. Peek through their knowledge and technology in guarded libraries…

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Great idea!

I want My workings with them to become 50 times more intense.

I welcome hellos from experts on djinn.

Hi I’m new to it and wounded if you know an English chant that can be used to call them

@Novicebrett Why English? It’s not like you actually have to understand the words. A lot of these chants have power in and of themselves. Their’s a reason we perform certain invocations in Demonic tongues.

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I can’t read he words and know how to say them

Yes you can. As long as it’s in the English alphabet doesn’t actually matter what language they are in. Just pronounce phonetically according to the letters.

In all honesty does it matter what language it’s in?

@Nagathex I was thinking Demonic tongues and Words of Power in which case yes it does matter very, very much.

Just writing some jibberish now, but I just have to say the latter as I know them. So an A would be Ann a as in English or Danish my native tongue?

Akanak would just be pronounced as I would in English or my native tongue?

If I remember the story of the djinn is that they still walk the earth but they vibrate at a different speed the earth that they live on is like a alternate dimensional copy merged into ours.

They can’t interact with us like physical beings unless we use spiritual resources of course, but you could soul travel and you could match the vibrations of your being to higher speeds hopefully drawing the traveller towards earth higher vibration duplicate of the djinns.

Since they have numerous tribes and races, the Djinns are something I worked in a long time ago but recently have felt them operate more in our lower vibrational earth.


HI bro. I had been spell by muslims which I supposed invoked djinns on me. been a terrible experience. Pls how do I drive them away COMPLETELY AND FOREVER?

So I recently purchased a djinn ring and it’s been 2 days since I got him in. I sometimes will feel my body randomly heating up but it’s not often. He hasnt communicated with me other than me tying the ring to a string and asking him yes or no questions. I’m trying to see if it really is him or just my imagination. I know djinns are real I just need any advice I can to communicate and bond with him. I said the words the buyer sent to bond him to me but I’m not sure if I’m doing it right or if hes just shy. Like I said I am open to all help, I want to make my djinn feel comfortable and build that trust with him