Does anyone use Fairies?

For some reason I never thought about using Fairies before until today.

I wonder if they would be as powerful as other entities or just a different type of power?

Using fairies? you don’t use them unless you want them to fuck with you lol.

anyway faeries are a single group of entities I assume you mean fae or the Celtic Sidhe as many of them don’t like being called Fae as the term fae means “doomed to die” which is seen as an insult among a few of the sidhe.


Using faries :flushed: ? They can be as deadly as the most dangerous demons of Hell

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Well some people fear the sidhe more than they fear demons lol. The sidhe are made up of various races both the ancient Celtic Gods and all that they have created among the sidhe folk.


One fairy can be stronger than a certain demon, and one non-fairy can be stronger than certain fairies. It’s a case by case basis.

But as @anon48079295 mentioned:



The fae are dangerous as fuck man!


i’ve had some people say that it’s fairies that i meet in the woods, others have told me it’s elves. either way their not a talkative bunch, but they will show you “tricks” over time if you keep meeting up with them.

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There are journals on ebay that have fairies attatched to them. That’s why I wondered about them. I didn’t know there were any other names for them.

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Yeah, wot they said. Don’t “use” anyone, period. That’s just rude, man.


I’ve been wandering around the woods and just thanking them for being awesome myself. Never thought about “using” them. They just seemed cool and I want to get to know them


Can you please go into further detail on this?

Books would be appreciated.

Well probably won’t go well if your “using” them. Hopefully you meant asking for help, and not just straight up using them lol.

Someone on here (a thread post I read awhile back) said demon’s are like stuffed teddy bears (or something similar) compared to fairies…


They said compared to Fae, faeries are a single group of creatures that are part of the sidhe like pixies, redcaps, etc.

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I am new to all of this. I think I meant do a ritual with and evoke a fairy to request help. Not just use them.

With Fae or the sidhe it’s more like asking for a loan that one day they will collect. They don’t usually help without getting an IOU.


How come?

Many Fae and sidhe treat aiding others like a business you request their time they will request yours when need be.

That’s part of why some fear the sidhe more than various demons because they have no issue in asking you to repay their help.


Thats why people fear them??? I thought it’d be something like them causing trouble, or other worse things. Lol pfft always gonna prefer the free stuff…

If you wrong them they will. But yeah seems many prefer free help where they won’t have to return the favor.


Can’t you make an offering to them when you ask if they can help you? That way they would get a gift for their help right away.

I can’t edit my original post to change it to asking for help instead of using.