Does anyone know demons and/or deities to bring the truth to light

Search as I said, beings who can help me to know the truth. Does anyone have an idea?


Sure, in no particular order:
Forcas, Vassago, Marbas, Valefor, Valac, Andrealphus, Cimeries, Andromalius.


Egyptian Tahuti/Thoth.




SATAN = Eternal Truth in Sanskrit, Adversary in Hebrew. ( So I have heard.

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no. the Eternal path is called Sanatan Dharma, not Satan


Okay… If Satan = Truth, and Lucifer = Light Bringer, and Light = Truth, knowledge, wisdom, then Satan and Lucifer would have the same function, or at least directly related to it. “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”. ''I am the Light of the world". Light and Truth. “I am the Root and offspring of David, the Bright Morning Start”. “How you are fallen from Heaven, o Morning Star, Son of the Morning”. . It could also be an allegory for Venus, before the Sun comes up in the morning. = Light Bringer. And maybe not any entities at all. I don’t know. Just what I have heard.

Satan does not mean truth


this was referring to a Babylonian king, not Lucifer the King of Hell


Lamsa translation, pave vii, Roman number 7 footnotes pages in the front of the bible. Heliel = Howl, as opposed to Helel = Light. Talking about the King of Babylon, not Lucifer. So the whole Lucifer myth, might be just a myth, and not a real entity. . Not sure if this is accurate. Just a possibility.

Lucifer … Phoebus Apollo ( god of archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing and Sun, and light, poetry, and more) …

Just some classics

Veritas, Roman Goddess of Truth.

Alatheia, Greek personification spirit of Truth.

What/who is the source of Lucifer?

Unca Al says: “Had is Sad, Set, Satan, Sat (equals “Being” in Sanskrit)”

Lol no, Satan is not Set

no idea, I think he used to be an Archangel, son of Yahweh, before becoming the Lord of Hell

Mate, that website literally is about hating on people of Jewish faith/nationality. It doesn’t seem to be a place you wanna get information from.

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But the Demon’s section and the Power Meditations and Satanic Witchcraft techniques are nice. Also, they expose religion and it’s attack on the mass population having spiritual power. ( Like gun control. ). I am not against jews. If the crooks at the top are eliminated, that would help us all. I do know from experience that christianity attacks occultists of all kinds. I am not on any witch hunts, even with christians. THEY are against us as occultists. That much I know. from experience.

The father of lights working through the son. Some don’t realize that hell fire is actually God himself.