Does anyone here have an open link with prince sitri?

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone here is on a constant contact with prince sitri.

If yes can you please ask him the following:
-two weeks ago I wrote a petition to you and you accepted it. Our set time was 1 month, however things are going worse or at best not moving at all!! Is there a reason behind this? Do you want me to do something about it?

Thank you all in advance

I formed a link to him recently and all he’s shown me in reply to this is a giant white elephant, which is defined by Wikipedia as “A white elephant is a possession which its owner cannot dispose of and whose cost, particularly that of maintenance, is out of proportion to its usefulness.”

So I have a feeling this would not be in your favour if you got what you want?


If that’s the case… please thank him for his concern, but ask him to proceed on my behalf… I know the consequences very well

Well I just asked the question, I don’t really want to get deeper into it than that because I have my hands full right now but maybe you can work with it more now you know what I saw. :thumbsup:


Thank you… but his message is very unclear… it the white elephant something in me or is it in the outcome??

I wish my senses were developed enough or I wouldn’t have needed to ask!!

Assuming that the elephant is in the outcome, what do you suggest I do to make him proceed??

It would be the result of the outcome.

I don’t know, sorry. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Eva…

Can anyone suggest something or ask Prince Sitri for more details please?

@Ghocifer Can I gently suggest that maybe you don’t do it. He probably has a reason for saying that. Just a suggestion. Not criticising or saying you definitely shouldn’t proceed.


I know where you are coming from… and trust me… I’m fully aware of the consequences and am determined to get what I want done…

Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed??

The question in my head now: is it that he decided to drop the case? Or did he put it on pause?

I always got the vibe that Sitri was like “Look man, I’m quite busy. So here is a hint, now go an figure it out. You can do it”


From my experience, Sitri looks after your best interests.

If it’s not in your best interest for him to fulfill your request, he likely won’t do it. This is what happened to me.

I view it as kindness.


Fair enough… but if that’s the case why did he accept my petition to start with??

time to work with a different entity then!!

I’m determined to get what I want done no matter what!!

You aren’t listening to what Sitri and people here are telling you.

You, as a living God, should go for what you want - but you should also take care and think about the reasons why, how and what - why do you want it, how do you want it, what will happen if you get it, the consequences, and so on.

Perhaps getting what you want will fuck you up more than help you.

There is always an intelligent way to go about things.

If you can talk to him (since you said he accepted your petition), then talk to him.

Do some divination, ask around, don’t get so attached to a result.

Another possibility is that he desires to teach you something with this. Keep your mind open.


Unfortunately I can’t directly communicate with a spirit… else I Wouldn’t have asked anyone here for help… I was told by a trusted divinator that he has accepted it.

My issue now is: if he knew that it’s not good for me why did he accept to start with? Did something happen half way?? Is it something I can do something about? And even if not i still thank sitri for his concern but I’d like him to go ahead with my desire!

Try to load up a binural beats (theta gamma) video on YouTube. Be relaxed and imagined darkness surround you, then try an ask for Sitri.

I know how you fell, it’s first now (like just today) that I finally have started to establish connection with an entity.

I watched a binural beats video a couple of hours ago, and suddenly some females stood and observed me (closed eye visual). I then fell a cold and tight grip around and inside my right arm.


I’m going to try and call on him today… im almost sure that I won’t be able to hear him but I hope he at least can answer me in a dream

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Warm your mind up for what you are gonna do later today. Just casually talk with him now, verbal or non verbally.

Also trust in you power that Sitri does indeed hear you.


We all here (mostly all) have encountered the same problems as you. Self-doubt.

So there really isn’t something you should worry about. Just keep working and keep practicing (even though it can suck donkey ass sometimes) and have a felling for the excitement to explore this vast knowledge you have at your disposal here at BALG.

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It’s not self doubt… more of knowing my current limitations… you can’t expect to win an F1 race with your old ford focus even if you were Michael Schumacher himself.

And unfortunately my astral senses are still rusty :slight_smile:

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Yeah, mine too. They could use a little oil. But I have started to see some promising results.

This night is saw some…shadowry figure above my bed all the while stars where in my celling.

Then I fell asleep… crap :poop: