Does anyone here have an open link with prince sitri?

Hahaha that’s quite unfortunate!!

Funny you said that!!

He came in very quickly today, almost by the time I finish chanting his enn for the third time. It was the first time I feel a presence. I felt it in my chest, similar to the feeling you get when you get startled.

I thanked him for coming and apologized for my lack of experience. I also thanked him for his concern. However, I told him I want my will to manifest regardless. And asked him to give me a sign in my dream within the next 3 nights!

I offered him some fruit Fanta and a drop of blood as a token of hospitality.

As I was about to dismiss him I had a thought in my head telling me that I want to develop a relationship with sitri regardless of this task I gave him, so I told him that and tried to have a conversation with him by asking questions. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite communicate due to my weak clairaudience.

I had a general feeling of comfort and felt that he understands me through out the whole experience.

At the end I thanked him again for coming and told him that he is more than welcome to visit whenever he wants then I dismissed him!!


I forgot to add… I also had an idea of settings up an altar for Prince Sitri… any suggestions for things to put on it?

Good info sheet for ideas here: LittleDoomWitch: Prince Sitri

Silver and white with burnt orange were the colours Sitri manifests with me, also tall pointy white flowers like lilies.

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Hahaha, this is a picture of the fruit Fanta I offered him yesterday! Is it me or the picture on the drink looks like Price Sitri in the ars goetia??



"From the Luciferian Goetia by Michael Ford

Invoke Sitri for seduction rituals (become incubi or succubi).

Invoke Sitri during sex magick to boost the energy raised. Sitri can also be called up if you seek to infuse any creative project with passion. I see Sitri as feminine and fire."

Accurate :joy: all day I’ve been tryin to fiqure out what the hell was going on last night after my invocaton now i know lmao.

I’m fairly certain Sitri has connections with jupiter as well, found one source that backed this up. I say this cause all these jupiter related rituals started flooding my brain soon after i started invoking sitri in my practice.


I believe he is active in your life already. Let him continue to work.

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A quick update:

I asked sitri to send me a sign in my dreams within 3 days to let me know if he’s going to to go ahead with the plan, and last night I dreamt that I was going with her to her place to sleep over!!


how did this ended up for you?

I have a long term deal with Sitri, and he isnt a demon to just casually make deals with, you will see many people wrote on different sites that he screws them over.

He is a deeply mysterious demon with impossible to define motivations, and he usually requires a drastic change in the persons personality, basically you need to understand and adapt your seeing of things to more closely resemble his. He likes to make deeply personal and long term (this is really key) deals.

He loves the play of two polarities in the universe, feminine and masculine, and he finds humans absurd for putting concepts and definitions on the purest most primeval energy form in creation (sexual energy, union, ying yang complimentation)

He encourages me to also share this with people trying to represent him.
Hope this gives some useful info if you are still interested in making deals with him.

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Hey, thanks.

Happy to see the community vibe on the site, will check everything out and make sure to write the intro.


Anyone, currently has an open link with Prince Sitri???
Plz pm. Would really appreciate it.

Many deities will accede to various requests but he has hesitations as to the outcome and its negative effects, which could have a negative effect upon you i.e. he is showing you the future result and does not wish to proceed due to its negative final outcome.