Does anyone have experience doing the Master Curse from Magickal Attack?


I am going to try this on someone I dated in the past who hurt me extremely badly, lied to me multiple times, made false promises, used me, and is now refusing to pay me back money he borrowed from me.

I’ve had some success with other GOM books. Does anyone have specific experience doing The Master Curse? I’m actually not very experienced with curses but I feel I need to regain my power and this will help me deal with the emotion of feeling like I was treated horribly.

Thank you. Also, any general curse advice is welcomed.


On the fourth day of the ritual now…bump.


I need some advice and guidance in how to perform this too. Some people have done worse than that to me …and Ive been suffering from these ‘dudes’ nearly all my life and Im sick of suffering in silence and Im at breaking point. Im losing faith in my (ability) magic. If you find anything that is workable for heavy stuff please let me know asap. Thanks.
Or if you know anyone strong enough to magically intervene. Just need some justice and peace and i dont seem strong enough to fight this one through. .


@Love8888 @Eve1

I used the Master Curse not too long after I discovered magick. My target was someone who I thought was my best friend, but in reality was a rather malicious narcissist. I was raised by narcissists, and this made me very susceptible to these things. I realized what was going on after spending time away from him over a summer, during which I also got into meditation and Buddhism. I rode the mindfulness train for a while, basically doing my best to be equanimous as fuck about living with him. Then I discovered magick.

I performed the operation as described in the book. I’m not even sure I knew how to banish at that point, and when I called forth the demons I sensed only a vague hint of a presence. Oh, but I was very pleased with the results, and still am one year later.

The initial effects manifested quickly. His mind was clouded, and a confused fuzziness overcame him. He began to not feel well, and his drinking began to escalate. His hygiene became even poorer than it was. He complained of others treating him coldly, and even got kicked out of a party he’d been to in years prior, on the grounds that others were uncomfortable with him being there.

To this day, his circle of friends has shrunk drastically and remains very limited. This is the power of this curse, to remove the support of any friends or family, and to render the target lonely and weak.

If I could succeed, so can you. Know that you are calling upon demons of immense power, and have no doubts in your mind that they will crush your enemy. If you find yourself doubting, remember the feelings that you brought forth in the ritual, and remember that the demon has taken these feelings and is using them to bring destruction to the one who has hurt you. Allow yourself to feel satisfaction, and then get on with your day.


Also @Love8888, if you have Magickal Riches there is a talisman to get someone to pay up. I believe there are similar rituals in some of their other books as well, so that may be worth looking into if you want the money back. You may want to wait until after your curse is complete, however, to ensure that you don’t go looking for results when you meet this person.

The target of your curse will likely attempt to hide its effects from others, which can make it appear that nothing is happening. Know that this is certainly not the case, and that they are likely just barely holding themselves together. They will lose their ability to do so before long.


Wouldn’t the “step by step” be in the book mentioned in the title of this thread? :thinking:


Your right. Silly me.


I don’t talk to the target anymore, he doesn’t have many friends to begin with, so even though we dated over a year, I barely met any of his friends. He also does not have any social media. I probably won’t know if the curse is working unless he ever reaches out to me and tells me his life has gone to shit. BTW- this target is already weak. He has depression, anxiety, he barely has any friends, and he does drugs. However he is going to inherit millions of dollars & comes from family money.

Unfortunately I had to stop the ritual on the fourth day because I didn’t have time to complete it in time (I have 8 other rituals going on as well).


Thanks for your feedback. Did your target get physically hurt? I really don’t like the wording of “bloodshed” in the last part of the curse. I want him to be cursed but I’m not wishing death on him.


I tried it a few months back. Haven’t been in contact with her so I’ve no idea what’s going on. But she’s since vanished from social media when she would previously actively update her Instagram stories :thinking:


If you don’t want the target to come to physical harm, then I’d leave out the “bloodshed” bit and just say “bring the death of friendship to N.” I kept it as-is, and the target still did not come to any physical harm, as I was more concerned about protecting other people from his manipulations.

Physical wounds are rather temporary and can heal, though the target may suffer pain. Removing the bonds of friendship, now that is a wound that cuts much deeper. Friends can offer support in times of pain. Remove them, and the target will suffer alone.

You also may want to slow down a bit with the magick. Is there an absolute need for you to be doing 8 rituals at once? It may not be a problem, but if you’re doing so much magick out of desperation, then you’re likely doing yourself a disservice. If you can, I’d say focus it down to no more than 3 per day. There’s no set rule for these things, but it’s much better to do one or a few rituals with full-focus, than many with a fuzzy intent.

And btw, it sounds like you don’t really need to go to the trouble of cursing this dude, as it seems that he has already cursed himself. There are plenty of angels and demons out there who are good at removing someone’s wealth, however, should you decide that this individual does not deserve such things. They can be made to lose a solid chunk relatively quickly, but if you are patient, you could strip him of it all.

That being said, is he really worth your time? He sounds rather pathetic from what you’ve described. Take your revenge if you must, but before I curse I always ask myself, “Would I rather be doing money magick?” Would I rather be manifesting enjoyable experiences into my life, advancing my career, or even working on a hobby? Much of the time, the answer is yes.

Some enemies will be rather persistent in their attempts to harm you, however, and in these cases a quick binding will usually be enough to do the trick. I reserve curses for those who are truly malicious and cruel, to myself and/or others.

Do what you will, of course, but I thought I’d offer my perspective. Best of luck




Thank you, this man is very cruel. Although I don’t want to date him anymore, I still feel so disgusted with all of his lies, betrayal, and finally for stealing from me. I am going to go through with the curse and leave it as is. Bloodshed does not equate to death. I feel that I can fully heal & put this chapter (dating him) behind me, by doing this curse. I feel it will give me more power & strength back.

Also as for the 8 other rituals, yes I deem them necessary, and it’s very hard to fit them all in my schedule. I had to pull an all nighter a few nights ago because trying to fit work, magick, and fun into my life is becoming very hard. All of these rituals are very, very important to me at the moment. A few of the rituals are for wealth, some are for changing my personality so I am more open to receiving prosperity, a few love spells on my boss (and biggest client) so that I keep the $ rolling in from him, a protection ritual, and a ritual to gain more friendships. I want to do a spell to attract my future husband and love of my life as well, I’m not sure spells like that even exist so I might write my own.