Does anyone have experience doing the Master Curse from Magickal Attack?

This website provides more in-depth information about the terminology used within the borneless ritual. Scroll toward the bottom and you’ll find the bornless ritual.

As for the protection ritual, I use the ritual opening used in demons of magick. I included a screenshot of the ritual description.


Thanks! I’m going to perform it again, and tweak the ritual’s wording to be more specific.

Or, I may just chuck it in the “fuck it” bucket, and write my own. I’m beginning to think that enlisting or involving angels in goetic work dampens results.

I have an update on my curse target. Their family has abandoned them because of their toxic behavior. Their family called me to tell me they switched teams.
This is the third stage of the 4 stage curse. All that’s left is Glasya Labolas to cause some bloodshed.


I just wanted to chime in and show what I found at Bookman’s not long ago.


I have no idea if it worked. I don’t communicate with the target and he has no social media.

I know that he has hung out with his ex-girlfriend and another girl he used to hook up with, because they posted something from social media at his place. He still seems completely single though, those girls posted brief stories like one time, and these are people that constantly post what they are doing everyday. It seemed like a rare occasion.

Any update with your target ?

I have an update with my target.

I failed at killing my target. Instead, my target ended up murdering his best friend just days after my last update here.

The wording of the curse says “bring bloodshed and the death of friendship”
I believe the wording needs to be more direct and to the point in order to minimize collateral damage. I repeat. RE-WORD the “death of friendship“ phrase, and direct all things death specifically toward your target.

I read where someone else on here had also used the master curse, and their target killed their best friend in a drunk driving accident-but the target survived.

I shared the news story about the murder with @Lady_Eva a while back so she can confirm what I’ve said is true.

I’d rather not post the news story publicly because my identity will be compromised. I don’t want to be outed as a black magician in my hometown.


Wow, that’s intense. Looks like the petition was taken quite literally. :grimacing:

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Could you send to me also the newspaper article?

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I would be glad to verify my identity, verify my relationship to the target, and provide several news sources about the target to any of our admins, but for my own privacy I will not share this information in the public forum or privately with a regular member-much less a member who created their profile 20 hours ago.


Fair enough :slightly_smiling_face:

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So do you plan on going after him again? Since that last attempt went kinda sideways?

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Yes. I’m in the process of writing a very personalized curse just for him. :blush:

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how did that new curse go ? i love hearing revenge stories ! ( if you have others please do tell or give a link)

In my experience, I attacked a woman I see almost every day. I did the Master Curse about a year ago (I don’t remember exactly because I didn’t write it down).

During 2020 she acquired a lot of melasma on her face (which caused great financial losses with medical and aesthetic treatments), broke up with her boyfriend and now she always seems tired and sleepy (I talked to her last Thursday and she seemed to be drugged, speaking slowly and getting lost in your own words).

I believe it is only the beginning and the best is yet to come. The ideal is to do the ritual and forget, just trust and let things happen.

A year and it’s only the beginning ? Also you kept contact with her ? Isn’t that counterproductive for the letting go part ?

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Yes, the result of this ritual is progressive.

It can be counterproductive depending on your anxiety. In my case, I’ve done several rituals from Gordon Winterfield’s books that I considered to have failed, and months later the results came (when I didn’t even care anymore).


Nice to see that you magic is working.

As for me? i don’t have contact so i trust it’s working. I’m on my repeat casting of master curse. i am doing it yearly for kicks. lol. 12 days of few minutes each. about half hour of investment for the full curse per yr. Great way to sacrifice time to get results. Nothing else to do in this covid jail situation anyways. My city is still in lock down and no jobs to be found if your not in computer tech IT field. Most business closed or really restricted which means closed as it cost more for owner to open than close it.

The annual thing is just in case they have some kind of protection, strong will, etc… or wrong timing that make my casting not effective.

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Friend, I feel the same way, the lockdown limits my actions and consequently limits my magic. I’m working at home office and even my medical and psychological consultations are online. There are a number of magical experiments that I want to do, but practicing locked up at home seems like just a waste of time.

But when it comes to baneful magick, this can be very good. It is the type of magic that least depends on your action. That is, when you cast a curse, there is nothing you can do to help the outcome to manifest.

If the place where the target lives is chaotic, even better.

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