Does Anyone Have Advice on working with Muma Padurii?

Hi! Everyone! I want to work with Muma Padurii! Does anyone have any advice on working with her? I must give her blood…but I don’t have a sigil for her…

What are her offices and specialties?

What are her abilities?

This entity isn’t from the western grimoiric tradition, so there’s no reason for her to have a grimoiric sigil, or grimoiric “offices” .

You’re mixing up currents, but you don’t need to as she has her own culture she comes from - use that.

She’s basically the same idea as the witch in the Grimm fairytale Handsel and Gretel, also like Baba Yaga. Spells in Romanian are used AGAINST her to keep her away. Probably that Jehannum channel thing is your best bet a a fusion western-slavic approach.

It’s basically using the name and the chants he gives to make the connection - no sigil, no offerings, she doesn’t have any offices unless making lost kiddies into stew is your thing :slight_smile: - then you travel in your mind (astral travel) and let what images arise as they may. I suggest preparing some questions in advance.

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