Does anyone have a preference for when they perform rituals?

Morning, noon, night, midnight, any time?

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I tend to time my rituals by traditional astrology, and these days I mainly do magick with traditional astrological talismans, so whenever a suitable time is present. For convenience, I tend to look for a time that is not too far into the night or too early into the morning.

The ancient sages say the night is better for magick, most on here agree, but magick done in the day can also be good.


I perform smaller, regular rituals in the morning or just after waking up, before really starting the day. Bigger rituals which need more preparation I do in the evening/at night, depending on the event, occasion, etc. and condition of my body/senses. Of course, I recommend the time you can focus the best for yourself, at least for practicing at first to not being distracted by anything. As mentioned before by Dankquanicus, not every ritual has to be done during night time. Some rituals, depending on the spirits or Gods/Goddesses, require a full sun shining directly on you/your altar (in nature for example).

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When it’s convenient. :person_shrugging:

If I’m following a particular ritual from a book I try to do it as written at least the first time, so if it wants a certain time, day, moon phase, absence of light, or whatever I do it.
But once I’ve done it I’ve made that energy “mine”, if you will, I know it and I know what I can do with it, and then I’m likely to edit it to suit.


Daily rituals (if I’m not in time constraints) I typically do in the mornings for affirmations or setting the tone for my day.

But I’ll use moon cycles to declare or set goals and therefore use full and new moons as the sort of “big monthly rituals”.
(If I can get the moon time down to the minute I’ll do it around that time otherwise just 3am)

And I know your probably not referring to holidays but there’s also those (solstices, equinoxes and the like just like the sabbats and esbats)

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Depending on who im working with and what im doing. I personally prefer night time around 12
the day of the ritual will change but mainly i like the nocturnal vibe. Occasionally might do a Midday ritual if its to do with spring or summer or Deity pertaining to that season.

almost always day time cause i sleep at night😁

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