Does anyone else create this euphoric "buzzing" through tensing their lower abdomen?

I don’t know any other way of explaining this, but I’ve always been able to cause this flow of what the title says feels like euphoric “buzzing”, almost like my skeleton is vibrating, by tensing my lower abdomen. I don’t need to be in any particular position to do this, but it’s hard to maintain for more than a minute at a time because while it feels good, it’s also almost like full body restless leg syndrome (if anyone else has ever had that side effect of medication you may know what i’m talking about)

If anyone does understand what I’m talking about, is there a name for this? Can it be used for magickal purposes?

From a qigong perspective, it sounds like you are building qi in your lower dan tian, but not all the points are open so it’s getting blocked and/or flowing in unwanted directions. This is called ‘rebellious qi’ and feels a lot like restlessness.

It can get more uncomfortable - if you keep doing it you might find your blood pressure goes up, you turn red and start coughing. I’d recommend working on making sure the points connecting you to the earth and sky are open, so excess qi has somewhere to go - the feet, perineum and crown - and then the rest of the microcosmic orbit.


That must be it, because I get all of those side effects if I try to force myself to maintain this feeling for too long. It has always felt powerful, and I never thought to bring it up before because it’s something i’ve been able to do for as long as I can remember, so I figured it was just something everyone did.

I’m not familiar with these practices, but I’ll do some research to see how one goes about opening these ‘points’ to the earth and sky. Thank you so much, I appreciate this a lot.

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