Does anyone consider Aphrodite and Lucifer one in the same?

I know both of them are associated with The planet Venus, the concept of lust, and the concept of war.

Associations don’t equal the same. Many Gods have similar associations it’s a common thing throughout pantheons. There’s no single god of the sun or goddess of Venus etc. it’s very everyday associations similar to how some people think Inanna, lilith, and Tiamat are the same people, or Hecate and Ishtar/Inanna. There’s minor similarities like all of them have a vagina or have some kind of minor association. But really it’s common and they’re all separate.


No I don’t consider them the same. I’ve only worked with Lucifer but I feel like they differ in many ways


If anything, it would be Ishtar-Innana whose aspects were split into Ares and Aphrodite. Never tried working with the Greek Gods though.

I can tell you they are two different gods I have them both as my parental deity.

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