hello senior occultists please i need help concerning my dream i had today.
i dreamt about a goddess who was after some people to kill them, i interfered and saved them so the spirit got angry and decided to kill me. sh hit me and i started to complement her, queen you are beautiful, sweet and lovely, i don’t know you but am in love with you and etc so she fell in love with me and in the dream she requested for sex but when we were having i did not remove my trouser nor my shirt when we finish she felt good but in me i knew i did nothing, the name of her was like Natasha


Try scanning the entity to find out more info.

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Could of been just a dream. As in not all dreams mean something besides your imagination creating scenarios in your mind as you sleep.


You are trying to protect a goddess that represents certain ideas, situations, habits that you don’t want to change and are important to you and are putting up an emotional barrier between you and others around you.

You feel a lack of control in your life. In most cases, when you dream of someone trying to attack you, kill you, it is related to issues of control and other’s have power over you.

Although you are trying to change and move forward you have found many barriers, you must change if you want to succeed.


can someone help me with a scan. i have dreamt same many times

i dreamt that someone is giving me to a goddess for marriage, i dont know her name but i can describe her, she was wearing white attire, her stomach is made of pure gold her hands is gold and she was wearing golden cap, her legs was gold. she appeared from stone

can i message you personal :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

You can, but I am having a similar problem. I am communicating Egregore that may be identifying itself under a pseudonym. I made a thread so I can eliminate some possibilities.

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The goddess in white is a symbol of knowledge and knowledge is gold. Meaning, learn from your mistakes and past, if you wish to succeed.

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hmm all my mistakes are like am helping others but later it back onto me

help me please and scan me tell me what i should stop doing, cuz i really want to work with demons but not help

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I can’t read you or scan. Take in a deep breath, hold it, let it out. Relax. Relax.

The visions you are receiving are responses from your rituals, demons or spirits use symbols in your dreams to convey answers or messages to improve you or solve problems you are having and are giving you a direction to take and help you along your way.

You don’t need my help as your rituals are a success and you are receiving messages to help you move forward and solve problems. Only you know your bad habits or problems that are holding you back. Step back, think, take in a breath, understand your visions, learn from them, if you think the dream is accurate. Choose your own path with your own plan to move forward. The only person who knows what path or direction to take is you.

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thank you very much senior. i will be very vigilant with my movements and my actions

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its my great wish to work with goddess heralah so i have been thinking about her all day long, as am typing something cold is moving through my legs, i have tried all my possible things to get in contact with her but since am a beginner i don’t see or hear her. so yesterday i was going through voodoo spirits list when i slept and i had that dream

i don’t want to give up on her till she accept me or either kill me for me to stop worrying her sigil and mentioning her name all day long

You are in control of your destiny, go for it.

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will she one day give-up and come to me

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I don’t know, since you have gone this far, do a divination and see what the future holds. Instead of holding on to the past you might try to meet someone new and start a new meaningful relationship. Trust me it works.

please can you guide me through it