Does anybody has good contact with Duke Dantalion?

Hi guys,

I’m wondering which of you has good contact with Duke Dantalion.
I did an evocation yesterday and I want to ask him if he agrees to my requests…

Does anybody care to help me out? Thnx in advance!


This is the second thread in as many days I’ve seen asking for third party verification.

Trust your intuition, and don’t doubt yourself. When you call a spirit, the spirit shows up, regardless if you can hear them or see them, so just assume the demon will follow through with your task. Give it until the end of whatever time frame you set before you start thinking the ritual was a failure.

As a side note: Most practitioners here are too busy with their own adventures to call spirits on behalf of beginners, especially beginners that have not been on the forum very long. We are a very helpful sort here at BALG but we get a lot of requests like this, so, if someone is kind enough to help you out, please don’t expect it to always be the case.


Not much on the WWW. He holds a book in this hand- I used the hunger of knowledge to get my answers. Maybe asking him for the sign.

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Okay, never mind. Could a moderator remove this post please? @Lady_Eva

No need, in a sense you do speak for the concerns of a few members, and @DarkestKnight’s words of advice are sound, relevant, and may reassure someone else who was doubting themselves. :smiley:

Proceed with confidence @SpaceTravelr! :sparkles:


As humans we doubt, and question. Dantalion was a Demon I found literally nothing of use on… I just went with it… My first demon and I will always hold a special place in my heart for him. I asked for knowledge- and some thing else. @SpaceTravelr maybe you could be the one to give him all the props he needs. search him out here- there may be some props already to him.


He seemed like a gentleman to me, I did not get an answer until a few days later…


These entities do not respond to laziness and apathy if you are perfectly capable of doing this work.
If you do not respect them enough to put in the work you will not receive a result.


very correct - I was told that this was not a drive up service.

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Yes but I don’t think there’s a magician alive who doesn;'t get a little warm glow when we see proof, something that’s beyond all reasonable doubt, that our magick worked, and that’s not laziness or apathy, just the natural need for reasurance in a world that keeps trying to drag us down to the mundane level. :thinking:



How do I giv props to him? Should I shout out loudly or something? I don’t have a clue how to do this? I gave offerings, I talk to them daily, I don’t even know if i’m talking to a wall or if I get heard. I really don’t know.

My intuition is shit. it doesn’t work because i’m broken, so really I don’t know

But that doesn’t matter, i’ve tried it, if it doesn’t work, so be it. i’ll just move on. The magick world/paranormal world isn’t for everybody. Some are just destined to live their human lives without help or magick on this planet. The end.

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Do him a nice new thread on here with a bit of info what you did, and whatever you can share, that’s good payment when you get yyour result.

And try to not stress too much right now though you, did the work, go and watch some of the videos on BALG’s YouTube, or something else that makes you feel positive and on top of things (as much as possible). :smiley:


public props and I gave some treats. I acknowledge him weekly in meditation. Since I am working with him.

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I have a better relationship with him than any other Goetic spirit. Maybe Sitri actually… He strikes me as a rather energetic young man with long blonde hair and sometimes has a large top hat. Could be my projection of him but he’s very eager to help and I attribute my current emotional state after a disappointing relationship turning out the way it did. He’s definitely powerful and it can be subtle depending on what you ask him for. I’m definitely a fan of him.

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He is amazing yesterday his pendulum was moving on the stand by itself… So I was able to take a few minutes and really tune in.