Does a love curse affect the caster?

I’ve been hit by what is some sort of love/lust/obsession spell. The guy is a friend of mine, engaged to another woman. We will call him V. I didn’t know he practiced magick, he never told me… but he never said he didn’t, either.

Since the new moon I’ve been affected by surges of lustful energy and obsessive thoughts about him. I am bound to someone else magically (a long story), and the curse/spell did not destroy the link I have with that person(T), instead it’s just drowned it out. I am now worried about T, because unfortunately V knows about the binding, and I have made T a charm to help protect him.

I am working on getting the curse taken off, but do you think it is also affecting V? If you’ve done a love spell or curse, how bad did it affect you?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Unless you have reflection shields that caused backlash, the curse shouldn’t affect the person who cast it.

It can, but maybe not in the way you’re wanting it to. If you are into someone enough to do a love spell on them, and you visualize what it would be like for the magick to work, that can amp up the caster’s feelings even more, love and desperation. If the magick does work, that tends to have an effect. If it doesn’t, things will still happen, and that depends on the caster.

It sounds like for you though this won’t be the case unless you let it. Do you even know if he really did any magick at all? You could just be naturally attracted to him, and that could be causing you distress, not any love curse.

If this continues, you could redirect the energy to where you’d rather it be going. If you get horny from thinking about the other guy, go back to thinking about who you’d rather be thinking about. Or don’t, and enjoy your fantasies. It’s only a problem if you make it a problem.

Do you think T never, ever ever ever thinks about other girls in a sexual way? Have you charmed him so he can only get hard to you? These things happen. Maybe view it as an opportunity to sort out any jealousy issues. This will either strengthen or weaken your relationship, and that is up to you.

Do you even know if he really did any magick at all? You could just be naturally attracted to him, and that could be causing you distress, not any love curse.

I did think about that, trust me. But it began on the new moon. I awoke to rushes of sexual energy from him, and when I went to work that day all I could hear in my head was his name on repeat. It’s not normal, because usually I only get flashes of T’s presence & emotions, due to the binding (it also has to do with emotions and proximity). The only time I would get a “flash” of V’s name before this was if he sent me a text. But there were no texts. And there was pulling, as if there was a cord between the two of us.

I feel like I’m in a fog, I can’t sense T, or the energy strands from our ongoing magical working. I will admit I am attracted to V, but it definitely was never more than that before. Now it feels like obsession, and I shouldn’t be feeling that out of the blue like this.

Thank you for your thoughtful answer.

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Well in that case just do some protection magick and you’re probably all set. If you have magickal protection, the only problems any part of this situation can cause you are what you allow to happen.