Do you use circles in magick?

And the survey says…

  • I use circles when doing magick
  • I don’t use circles when doing magick
  • I sometimes use circles sometimes don’t depending on what magick I’m doing

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I always used only visualized circles, now not anymore; although maybe I’ll resume doing so or even create a physical circle…


I didn’t use to, but started using it now, because I want to try different things.


Oooooo circles circles circles.

I used to always cast them being afraid of not having any shields in the spirit world.
Then I realized that in itself was a affirmation and I was limiting myself with it inadvertently.

Since then I’ve learned to carry shields with me and keep mental wards as a mainstay in every aspect of my life and through the Temple of Ascending Flame , Asenath Mason has me going circle less so to speak so I am able to have a much better connection to the draconian current :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

But I’ll use circles now for blocking out noise or spiritual static if I have to when my wards fail and I get intrusive thoughts.
They’re also useful for magnifying effects of spells. Sort of an offensive technique vs a defense shield :metal:


I’m sometimes sometimes myself. If a ritual calls for you to make one I do, if it doesn’t specify or I’m making up my one of my own I don’t usually bother making one.

Now to anyone reading this comment when I say making my own I’m not talking about rituals invoking or evoking spirits I’m talking more like I don’t bother for mild stuff like candle magick or luck charm stuff like I’ve done in the past (and don’t ask me for a charm I’m not in the charm business there’s plenty enough of those businesses on the internet already. You can go to one of them if you need that service).

I still banish and recommend banishing because a circle isn’t a banishing it’s a circle and depending on what tradition you’re in it means varying things (but to my knowledge in no tradition anywhere is it to banish anything). That would be a different poll if I made one on that topic (banishing) but I’m not planning to currently.

So I’m a sometimes sometimes when it come to circles. :slight_smile:

And to all who voted and are voting or going to in the poll I thank you for taking the time to do so.

Oh and I just noticed I left off the always in the I use circles option. Oopsie. Oh well Che sera sera as Doris Day used to say.


I’ll probably close off the poll Monday so if you’re reading and going to answer it later don’t delay too long.
Thanks to those who already answered :slight_smile:

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I voted for it depends, and just want to clarify that I never use a circle around me, but if I work with one of the GoM books for example, often times circles are placed around the sigils. Nowadays I’m primarily a traditional astrological magician, so I don’t use circles and such, as in that tradition, unlike the Solomonic tradition to give an example, they don’t use circles or triangles or such as they saw no need for it as the spirits are very benevolent. And otherwise I’m a Norse Pagan, in which such things aren’t used either. So, I pretty much don’t use them at all, but because I may work with the GoM books more again or explore evocation and such in the future, I will say it depends.

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I always use circle in magick. The circle represents the barrier between my magical consciousness and my normal daily life consciousness. However physically I only place objects that represents the elements so my magick circle is rather astral like invoked by the demons of the elements.

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