And the survey says…. Circle? No Circle?

I wanted to make a multiple choice survey but couldn’t find the option even though I know it used to exist so I had to make a post instead of a survey.

This would be sooo much easier if I Vicky’s find the make a quiz/survey option because then you’d only have to select a choice but subsequent I couldn’t find it you’ll have to put your answer in this thread .

So please me answer this…

Do you…

  1. Do you always use a circle when doing magick?

  2. Do you do magick without using a circle?

  3. Do you use or not use a circle depending on what you’re doing?

And the survey says….

And this question is only to the moderators because I KNOW there used to be an option to make a quiz/survey but I couldn’t find it now when I wanted to make 1…

Where did the make a survey/quiz option go???

This would have been sooo much easier (and shorter) if I could have found the make a quiz/survey option.

Link: Do you use circles in magick?

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I’m not a mod clearly, but I can answer your question.

When you’re typing your post under the blue letters and above the typing window there are buttons. A thought bubble, B, I etc. The last one is a Settings cog. Click it. The last choice should say “Build Poll.” That’s what you want.

If you wanna make a poll I’ll answer there, otherwise usually no circle I’ve never made a real circle, but sometimes I sit on a circle pillow or have a circle or in the past made a circle of rocks for the “magick-vibes”.


Thanks @meow that helped

Can you close this thread or do I have delete it myself or do I need to @ a moderator or leader to close or get rid of this one?

I don’t want to have duplicate posts for this

I want to keep the new poll posting and drop or close this now that I know how to poll thanks to you

Edit: I’ll add an at mod in this just so they know I’m not trying to break rules with multiple posts

@DarkestKnight @Mulberry or @Angelb1083 I made this post when I couldn’t find the make poll option. I’d like to keep the poll and close this thread please (or you can delete it) if you need to because I wanted to poll not make multiple threads) and I’m not sure if I need a leader or a mod hence the multiple @‘s

Please people go to the poll don’t answer here
Now I found out how and made it

It’s in this post

I got you.

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I got it and edit into this post for you so that if anyone clicks here they can go to the link.

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