Do you need help with an ex?

I want to test my abilities on magick relating to love, communication and exes.
I want to try to help one of you with your ex if you are struggling with getting them back or getting in contact with them.

I love helping people and I am hoping that I’ll be able to help people who struggle with that type of magick.

I will only try this with one of you guys, at least for now. If I’m successful with helping the first one I will help more people here.


Pick me!!

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I am in if possible

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I need your help

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I need it more…have literally tried EVERYTHING!

I would love to get in touch with her after almost one and a half year☺

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Please help me! After 13 years happy together something or someone put a spell on us and broke us up. She is not her normal self and I see her fighting to escape this spell she is under. If you can try my case I’ll gladly give offering to any demon or entity of your choice.

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I want to give a try to my luck.

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Guys, please read the Op. She said she would try to help ONE person.

There may be more in the future but don’t keep pestering.


I hope you’ll pick me, Ive broken up on the eve on my birthday and I’ve tried over 10 rituals from different masters but she hasn’t comeback yet.

She’s currently dating some other guy but I really need her back. I’ll pass you the further private details of the person involve with it. I hope you can pick me thank you. :pensive::pensive::pensive:


:man_shrugging:my ex left me after two weeks and stole my first kiss. She’s happier now with her current boyfriend so I don’t see the point in trying to get her back-especially after a convo I had with Freyja.


I was about to send out that I will be accepting more than one, will be deciding those people later today.
as you wrote there might be more in the future but for now I don’t need more people to post or message me about it.

Thank you,


hi angeela… it’s me if you still remember. i would like to try. my last try didn’t work. now i got to take care of her 2 puppies which she left. Tell me if i got the chance. thanks in advance

Hi Angeela, I am interested.

I have chosen four people to try and help.
I’ll be contacting you later today


Yes please help me
I’m losing my sanity. I cannot sleep. I cannot eat. I’m getting sick and unhealthy
I need immediate help

Me me pick me

im gonna wait after you done help those. :slight_smile:
put me on the list

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Hello Angela,
I could use your help for sure.
I have done the pumba gira, and set honey jars and have had no success or movement.
I have been split since June 2018.
No contact and blocked on social media since July…I had his son November 29 2018. 32 weeks…Premie… but February 13 I sent a text from new number info of sons birth… have a relationship/bond with him…
Still no response…
Anything you could do to help would definitely be appreciated as it seems I don’t have much magic ability… thankful and hopeful,

Please help me too, I have tried many many rituals for the past 1 year but he is not coming back to me… I am very willing to learn from you as well, as long as I can have him back again

Thanks for listening…

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