Do you lose your power when you die?

Do you lose all the power you worked for in this life, soul travel, evocation, shape shifting etc when you die? I’m basically asking do you have to start all over each lifetime


Yes, unless you Ascend to the point where you don’t “die.”


Well goddamn I’m pretty sure no around has discovered immortality, I know I’m far from something like that

That’s the entire point of the LHP, self deification ie to take your power and individual consciousness with you instead of returning to the nothingness of Source.


At the end of ea koettings soul travel course, he says that the end goal of soul travel is being in control of the light bodies and instead of returning to source, you control on what you wanna do, is that what you mean?


Yes. Through spiritual techniques you build up your various bodies so you can use them as vehicles to house your consciousness upon death.


Looks like I’m on the right track then😀


Im gonna say no. You may forget that you have it. But i wouldn’t say you lose it. Hence why some people have an easier time learning specific tradtions over others. Or a draw to one tradition over another.


I believe that in your next life you will be born with you’re Ajna chakra opened and it my be terrifying if you would in a religious family and no one to guide you.

I heard a story of a black magician that made a pact with a demon to protect him and keep teaching him about magik couple centuries ago.
He reincarnated he starter seeing this demon and would not let him alone.
The Demon had to fulfill his pact to protect and mentor him. I read this on YoureGhostStories while back dont wana go look for it. The website has pretty interesting stories there .

I heard an other one where Lord Asmodei visited this woman.
she knew nothing of the occult she said never even heard of Asmodei name.
When Lord Asmodei showed up in the middle of the night she said " Be gone Asmodei I now belong to god"
That’s also interesting I think she had a pact with its Majesty in the past life and now she end up as a slave in religion.


The genetic code of the himan being has a time limit on the energy it produces if you manipulate your genetic code into producing energy without a time limit essentially producing energy forever you will not die physically

Ive been working with alchemy to try and accomplish this


You could try but t hat would take years im talking about alchemy the transmutation of molecules

Biokenesis is hard to do

Not exactly, their are more then one pathways up a mountain

Very true i would like to see if you can achieve wat i have talked about through biokineses and how long it takes would you mind posting updates on your progress

Also there is a demon that renews your power after death if you make a pact with him im sure hell help you ill find his sigil for you

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Actually its osiris that deos that renewd power after death

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Tell me if you succeed with the pact