Do you know this sigil?

I was looking at some tattoo designs (I wanna have my first one made after this whole quarantine ends) and out of the blue I became possessed, I had a very strong urge to draw this sigil:

So I did and cleaned it up a bit. When I asked what is it for the only answer I got was “a Key”. Like, okay, but what for? I named it the Key of Lucifer, because it reminds me of his sigil, but I’m not sure if this sigil is connected to him in any way… Do anyone know this one? Or any info/sense of what it unlocks?


I was raging about the missing info and I got another ‘hint’, the spirit said that it’s the Key of Unlocking. Duh, keys unlock stuff… :man_facepalming:

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Also getting randomly possessed and channeling some stuff is kinda fun, I really like the stuff I channeled so far :grin:

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It was like receiving some weird present for X-mas and when you ask your person what is it they reply: “It’s a thing.” “Okay, but what does it do?” “…Stuff.”

Calmed down a little and meditated a bit on the energy - I channeled the following:
“This is the Key of Unlocking. It unlocks Doors and Potential. Obstacles are Doors to be opened.”
As for the question if I should have this tattooed on me I got a loud yes and no at the same time… after asking my Higher Self through the pendulum he said that I should have this tattooed.

Still, it’s purpose or practical use is puzzling, but oh well…

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Okay, so some more stuff came to me - an image of the Qliphoth and this sigil overlapped.
“It is a key that unlocks many places”
“So, is it Nahemoth?”
“Yes and no. As Nahemoth is the Master Key of the Universe, this key is …(inaudible)
“Can it open Sephiras too?”
That’s all I guess.

I did some research on this, if anyone wants to dive deeper into it they’re welcome to do so.

Key of Unlocking
Latin: Clavis est Reserans / Clavis ab Reserans

English Gematria: 1008 -> 9 - I - (GON) - (As ‘I’) Root of Energy/Enablement: energize, enable, ability
(As ‘Y’) Root of Increase: grow, increase, more, faster
Jewish Gematria: 698 -> 23 - L + G - Ur-Ged - (UR) Root of Primacy: first, primary, one; providence / (GED) Root of Negation: not, none, nothing, nor
Gematria for the latin name: 1409 -> 14 / 1214 -> 8

698 = 300 + 300 + 90 + 8 = Gisa-Gisa-Ceph-Tal / 100 + 200 + 300 + 90 + 8 = Val-Fam-Gisa-Ceph-Tal
(GISA) - Root of Balance: balance, justice, adjust,
judge, equilibriate (T)
(CEPH) - Root of Division: divide, separate, other
(than), part(s) of (Z)
(TAL) - Root of Knowledge: mind, know,
awareness, knowledge (M)
(FAM) - Root of Possession: have, acquire, gather;
together (S)

1008 = 1000 + 8 = Matabe-Tal / Matb-Tal
Matb = Tal-Un-Gisa-Pe => Tal-Un-Gisa-Pe-Tal

1409 = 1000 + 300 + 100 + 9 = Matb-Gisa-Val-Gon - 14 = 10 + 4 = Na-hath-Gal
(VAL) - (As ‘U’) Root of Light: light, enlightenment
(As ‘V’) Root of Darkness: dark, hidden
(therefore, unknown); reflection
(NA-HATH) - Root of Breath: breath, life (H)
(GAL) - Root of Possibility: possible, potential (D)

Words I associated with the sigil:
Odo = open, opens
Adagita = can, able to
Eors = hundred
Butmon = mouth, has opened his mouth
Arp = conquer
Argedco = invoke
Arden = the Universal Mind

Other gematria: Lucifer Morningstar, Fruit of the Tree of Life, Blazing Star, In This Sign Conquer, Emerald Emissary, Truth is a Force of Nature, True Evil One, I Am Light And Dark Good
And Evil

From V.K. Jehannum’s site:
8 - The Planetary Sphere of the Black Sun, it s the number of the Philosopher’s Stone and of the Great Work’s completion
9 - the Black Flame, the Devil, the nine demonic divinities
23 - Sacred number of Tiamat

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It does seem quite Luciferian. :slight_smile: Perhaps it could work as a sigil for Satan or Dark Gods in general, of which Lucifer is one of the attending entities.

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Yeah, I mean one gematria correspondence was Lucifer Morningstar, so I wasn’t far off the mark :smile:
I just have to channel a chant for it or make up one from all those Enochian correspondences.

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I added some extra symbols to the sigil and it flashed, so I guess this is the full version:

  • Channeled Word of Power for the sigil: LEGRARTH
  • Enochian chant constructed from the latin gematria: MATABE-FAM-NA-HATH-GAL
  • Enochian chant constructed from the hebrew gematria: VAL-FAM-GISA-CEPH-TAL

My overall ‘gnosis’ is the following: this is alive / it is a spirit of some kind. When I asked if this is Lepaca (The Demon of Openings) I got a yes and no and the same time - the pendulum showed me a maybe. For me it means that they are similar in some manner - “of the same essence” so to speak.

This might be the same case with Nahemoth as it is not only a Qlipha of the Black Earth, but also a living being and the Master Key to the Universe from where you can travel to other places.

It’s color is white (and black), at least the sigil flashes in a white light when I stare at it or chant anything I constructed and channeled for it. From my reasons above it seems like this being is some kind of a Universal Key for opening planes, knowledge, blockages, possibilities, overcoming obstacles, shining light on hidden things and knowledge, bring light to new ideas/perspectives, acquire knowledge, balance oneself, raise awareness, bring more energy to your rites and Sacred Space, be One with Nothingness.

The sacred numbers for this being: 8, 9, 23, 698, 1008, 1214
I haven’t pulled a tarot card for this channeling, but my intuition is telling me that the corresponding card is The Fool. I haven’t channeled info about planetary correspondences either, but from my research above I’d name two: Black Earth (Nahemoth/Lilith) and the Black Sun (Thagirion).

Maybe it is useful for getting into a deeper state when meditating - I’ll try it tonight to see it’s effects.


After looking a lot more into it, I rewrote my last post here, you can find the whole ‘finalized’ gnosis here: