Do you guys and ladies know subliminals

Do you guys and ladies know something about making subliminals I’ve tried many werewolf transformation subliminals results weren’t exactly kind to me not because of pain or itching because I didn’t experience any I don’t mind muscle pain or other pain related to the subliminal I also have a very stubborn mind

So I decided I make my own werewolf subliminal but I don’t know what affirmations are good and what not so I can really use some help

My personal philosophy with all of this is you can only confirm if something is real or not when you’ve tried it and werewolves are just fucking hot and powerful looking no twilight or teen wolf shit just bipedalism

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If you try the search we have a few discussions including a thread where people posted their favorites from YouTube and the like.

Try search strings of “ritual music” as well as “subliminals” and “binaural beats”.

I’ll be honest I don’t think it’s going to work. Your subconscious has to be aligned, which is the point of sublininals: to persuade the subconscious something is real. However the amount of energy required to remanifest this much physical change is not available like this.

You could end up simply making yourself slightly mad, with some sort of body dysphoria as you make yourself believe something that won’t fit reality when you look in the mirror.

I think this could be really unhealthy psychologically and advise extreme caution. Best not fuck up your subconscious over romantic fiction.

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You can’t really transfer yourself into a werewolf like that, you can attune yourself to them and align your vibrational frequency with theirs and have some of their traits though.