Do you get results from a ritual before you do it?

I did a petition for bune to get me some money after i started looking for loan officers and stumbled on a nonprofit organization that helps out people that cant normaly get loans from banks. Did bune possibly help me make this discovery?


It’s very possible. Especially if she already saw your issue and really wanted to help you and already knew who could!!


Absolutely. Especially if you are in the habit of performing rituals often. I have noticed a lot of retrocasual effects in my praxis. For example, I once simply had an idea about an old coworker from my last job getting fired due to his toxic, overbearing personality, and thought a bit about what ritual I would use to make it happen.

I never did the ritual, but he got fired anyway. So after he was fired I did the ritual.

If you receive something you want, I think it’s a great idea to perform a ritual for that outcome after you’ve already received it. It just anchors you more deeply into the current of magick and helps you feel more accomplished and certain that your magick works.


The ritual has started as soon as you think you’re going to do it, as long as you follow through so you don’t crate a paradox. You can lose your results if you do that.

You can also work on yourself retroactively. Say you’re in an interview and feel like you ant more confidence, right than plan to do a ritual to work on your past self sitting in that interview to give yourself confidence. Make sure you always follow up and actually do the future ritual. It’ll work.


yea.when i start reading magickal cashbook,with the intention to make wife jump on the room and give me a 20€ bill that her mother gave for me.

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Yes it happens a lot for me. I’m always thinking of doing a ritual for this or that and to be honest I’ve not followed through with actually doing any rituals for a long time now but the results do come through.

It’s a little baffling and I can only really say that it’s possibly because the results I want are usually within my own sphere of easy-ish possibilities.

I think of my desire and before I get to do a ritual, it happens anyway. Maybe I’ve reached some kind of plateau with my personal understandings, I don’t know but I merely think the thing that I would rather have and soon enough hey presto.

I’m not saying these things overly fantastical and I will give some examples. A short while ago I wanted to earn more money, I didn’t want to shake things up or start anything new although I did think of some possibilities, then it happened that I got really busy with extra work coming my way and I earned well.

Then last week I decided I wanted things a little easier, and, without me doing anything about it, it turned out that this Monday (yesterday) there was no work for me to do, nothing got booked in and today turned out to be an easy day too, a half days work where I earned what I often would have to work a whole day for.

I let a friendship slip over the last couple of weeks when I was so busy and I felt that friendship suffer neglect from that. I almost didn’t text her today initially thinking she would ignore me. So I simply imagined her smiling at me as I sent her a text and she replied with a “Yes ok lol, let’s meet up”

As she approached and waved I thought a little command to her silently and she looked down at herself to check she was comfortable with how she looked to me and then she smiled at me again. We had a really nice time too.

A while ago, sadly someone’s dog died. I didn’t want to be the maker of that happening or intend it but it kept barking at me every time it saw me. It was old and very unwell but it’s bark was so loud it would shake me out of my skin sometimes and I just wanted it to be quiet, there were times I thought it would be better off gone for it’s own sake.

A few weeks ago, silence, it was gone, passed away. The owner very soon got a new puppy, same breed and I thought oh no here we go again with the thought that the owner really isn’t up to keeping a dog like that. It was a nice puppy but guess what? The puppy is no longer around, silence again. I don’t know if it escaped and ran off or the owner gave it away but I just think to myself I hope the puppy is healthy and happy and well looked after wherever he is.

When I think of work, the kind of work I want turns up. Same for money. Same with attention from women. I’m no pick up artist or Romeo, (damn!) but when I want the attention of attractive women, when I put my mind to it anywhere I go they are all looking out for me.

I’m not trying to gloat and I’m not saying hey I can do this and you can’t, because you can. If I can you can. And anyway, none of what I’ve said above is fantastical, it’s just within my realm of possibilities with a bit of a push.

I think if you can recognise what is in your own natural reach and trust yourself and your ability, push it a little, expect it to be right and take it as your own then a ritual is not necessary.

A ritual is nice and all that and for bigger things further than you see within your reach then yes, sure go for it, it’s good practice if nothing else but for many things…

All you need is to see the result, (what you would rather have) in your thoughts and you might just surprise yourself.

Thanks for answering my question guys


I have had this happen to me with the goetia a few times.

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I also had this happen to me a few times. It’s fascinating when it does happen.

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I’ve gotten results even before considering doing a ritual. Situations where I’m stressed out about something and just wish something would happen to make whatever is stressing me out to get cancelled. It’s happened more then once where it’s suddenly cancelled or something happens when nothing should have happened. I think this is relevant because while I wasn’t actively trying to do Magick, half the time, my stressing out was me communicating to my lady or at times Lilith about the daily stressors and I get surprised when things just work out.

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Ive done this as well. I was going to do a spell to get a coworker, who was irritating as all hell, to leave the workplace. Right before I was about to do it, she turned in her two week notice as she had gotten another job. Out of no where…


This happened with me as well. I had some financial good news the same day I found out about the wealth magick book being released. Something tells me actually using it will produce more results and this is just the beginning. It really is exciting :slight_smile:

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I didn’t want to post this before because I didn’t think anyone would believe me and it’s a little bit silly and crazy and naughty.

A few weeks ago I was working in an apartment above a shop, it was a hot day and I took a break to drink some coffee and lean out of the window to do some people watching. Ok, ok I was looking to see if there were any nice looking ladies out there ok?

For some reason an amusing thought crossed my mind while thinking of what kind of ritual I might like to do if I were to do one right now. I thought, shall I do a ritual to see something I wouldn’t usually see? … yeah, wouldn’t it be fun to see a nice lady walking down the street with no top on? I chuckled to myself at how ridiculous that thought was, because literally no one would walk down the street like that in broad daylight.
But it amused me and I thought well yeah it’s crazy and I would like to see that for no other reason than it being a ridiculous thing. Hey I was working hard and it was hot and I decided that I wanted to see some Boobies :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

So I forgot about it and got back to work. At the end of the day I was walking up the street thinking of this silly ritual idea and in the distance was a lady walking towards me and I had to do a double take because it looked as if she was topless!

Of course I was discreet and didn’t pay more attention than necessary walking along the path.
As she got nearer her boobies :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: became more apparent and she definitely looked naked from the waist up. She got nearer still and she must have realised what I was thinking and it amused her too as she started smiling at me.

No she was not actually naked from the waist up after all, I noticed that she was actually wearing some kind of skin tight sling thing for each breast, a natural flesh colour material which clearly defined her shape. Even close up you had to look again to make sure.
She smiled at me with a knowing cheerfulness, I smiled back at her also cheerfully and I thought how crazy and fun that was.

I mean, I thought the thought of an intended ritual, forgot about it and then the result appeared :crazy_face:

Not all requests have to be serious, you are allowed to think freely and be frivolous and just say to yourself “wouldn’t it be nice if … “ with the same kind of intent and decision as you usually would for bigger things.

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It depends on where you live. It is completely legal in Canada for a woman to go topless anywhere a man does, for example, so it would absolutely be possible to magick up some boobies on a hot summer’s day if one so desires lol

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Well I didn’t know that but it sounds like a great idea lol.
Maybe I should write to our new prime minister about it.

I’m pretty sure it’s not really legal here in the UK other than designated nudist beaches and whatnot although there probably wouldn’t be too many complaints from me. In general “public decency” is a bit of a thing here, the British are quite reserved and I think there would be an outcry if boobies were to show up everywhere.

Hmm, now wouldn’t it be nice though :grinning:

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