Do you feel energy when opening a sigil

I gazed at sammael sigil but didnt see the flashing but felt intense energy,so i wonder if i opend the sigil?

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Can you describe the intense energy in a bit more detail? Was it inside you, a presence in the room… something else?

I could feel it inside me as my eyes got bigger

Hmn, doesn’t sound right. You may have raided some internal energy but it doesn’t sound related to the sigil. Maybe try relaxing more and using the magickal gaze in an unhurried way, and just let it come.


What if the lines of the circle around the seal disappear was i in theta gamma sync, did i open sigil?

Yes. Congratulations!

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Sounds like it! It really is quite a shallow trance you are trying for, a bit like zoning out on the TV.

Much easier to miss the state completely as it is such a subtle difference. The deeper and more often you stretch the trance muscles, the more noticable it will be that you are in the right area.

Hi! So if you can still see the sigil and just the outer lines disappear- it’s a good thing? I just always feel like I get double vision and the lines get blurry. I do see them 3 dimensional though. I always wonder if I’m doing this right. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yes. You are doing it right.

Thanks! Sometimes no lines disappear- They do become faded and contorted. Then definitely go to 3D or seem to come out. Often though I end up seeing double vision of them fading back into one. Or a slight line will go thinner as if the lines are moving. I thought I had read somewhere that if you see 2 you are not doing it right. That you shouldn’t get double images. Last night was different. Very different, I just posted about it.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi everyone I have read previous posts indicating that they open sigils with blood or semen, is that possible?

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No. Blood and semen do not open a seal. They are used as offerings to feed it, but it is your mind that actually opens it. Otherwise, you’re just smearing your fluids on inert paper.

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