Do you do black magick or white magick or both? Why?

This is an open ended question. I want to learn about you guys.

It’s a thought-provoking question, not least because people have their own definitions on what they would consider black and what they consider white.

To keep it simple, this is my own viewpoint, but I don’t really see my actions as being either to be honest. If I need to get rid of an opponent at work, to make sure I get the praise and promotion, and ultimately the raise, then I shall. If I want someone, who may or may not be in a relationship, then I will do magick to get their attention. And I shall go in with my eyes fully open to the consequences.

I accept responsibility for the magick I work. Whether someone might look upon the magick I do as black or white, is of no consequence to me. I hold myself accountable only to myself.

I hope that helps.


I personally do whatever type of magick I need/prefer in any given situation. I also have a tendency to consider magick another form of energy manipulation/attraction. Just the form of acting on energy.


I do both. Simpy put, you cant learn to heal without knowing how to curse, and vice versa.


There is no difference between the both… different sides, same coin…you view of black magic or white magic isn’t the same as someone else’s view… best to acknowledge and accept both… and ask nothing from either…x


I don’t believe black or white magick is a real thing personally


My thoughts partially are that white and black magick are just catagories constructed/made by people…for example…

Want to curse, kill, or destroy someone’s financial life? As well as gaining money/sex/etc. That would be black magick

Want to heal, cure, or help someone? That would be white magick.

Catagories. Of course it depends on people’s definition of the two types of magick. Some think it’s in relation to angels/demon’s. Im not sure they care lol.


It’s all the same… the only thing that matters is justification to yourself… that inner balance!

I think that trying to categorize magick that way is a bit hypocritical. I’m not talking about the OP here, but about people who initially came up with that idea.

Magick is supposed to be an extension of your will, a manifestation of your desire.
How can will and desire be ‘black’ or ‘white’? Rather, it’s either there or it’s not.

As for the type of magick I’m into, lately it’s baneful magick.


Catagorizing things is a natural human thing to do. Humans catagorize everything. So magick isn’t free from that. We wouldn’t have the different “types” of magick if we didn’t catagorize what is what. Can’t get around that.

Although I simply see magick as acting on energy through whatever method used, and to do/manifest different things. So I see magick as a tool used to act on the subtle energies basically.


Maybe saying “benevolent” v.s “baneful” is better then saying white or black magick. The only color magick has is intent, energy is energy there is no difference.


Very true, in of itself energy is just energy and is indifferent.

It’s people that like to label things lol.

baneful and non baneful works because any form of magick can be baneful doesnt mean it’s black magick or white magick.

I find it hilariously amusing that all these ‘magicians’ are too concerned over the existence of category. There is a reason why we categorize things. Answer the question or carry on.

Whether you like it or not, labels exist lol

I know, doesn’t mean they aren’t still just labels lol. I’m indifferent to labels, I’m more interested in the process and outcome then what category it’s in lol.

The question are being answered it’s more of the you not liking the answers given, the question doesn’t have a direct “hurhur I practice both” or “I practice this one or that one”

A legitimate practitioner sees that both “paths” are faulty and can’t be defined as light or dark because in the end dark is often defined as doing harm and self interest and light as healing and service to others but both paths can do the exact same thing.

Labels exist for a reason yes but not all labels make sense.

It’s really not the first time beginners bring up this question and expect the answers to be the same and clear cut black and white.


All processes and outcomes are different. The concept may remain the same but all outcomes are so unlimited that we split them into segments, hence labels exist and they are used.

Hence, I added in my question whether one would practice BOTH. If you practice magic that has nothing to do with curses or healing, then the question is obviously not for them.

We have different viewpoints on this matter and that’s fine. I said I’m indifferent, that’s not changing.