Do you believe aliens are real or not?

Last I heard it’s about 50/50 on people believe aliens are real. I bought a book A Gift From the Stars ,which is considered the standard reference gude for people that beleive aliens are real.Theres no magick , just a curiosity read. Apparently the alien universe is much bigger than people who believe in aliens previously thought. I personally believe the book is missing an alien or two though. I also
remember reading somewhere that psychics have more encounters with aliens and ufo’s than normal people. I once met a person who claimed he was abducted by the little grey aliens and said it was an unpleasent memory. when I was kid we always heard little green aliens ,but a friend told me he heard it was always little grey aliens when he was a kid. I know some people work with Pleiadean spirits and the book says all pleiadeans are not good. I also personally wonder How do aliens fit into the Apocalypse ? Or if they do? Apparently every government in the world has some type of secret deal with aliens of some kind or the other according to the book. Have any of you ever encountered aliens or ufo’s? what’s your thought on aliens ?


I believe that yes, they exist, but not those building pyramids, but as beings superior to even entity levels, but not among us in hiding, but being on another planet or galaxy? Yes they can, but I don’t believe they use flying saucers or anything like that, I believe in interdimensional travel, beyond human understanding, I once read a book that I don’t remember the name of, but the book treated them as planetary entities or even spirits of the cosmos .


As this is a forum for the discussion of magick, thanks for mentioning that as your post was close to being off topic.

We are not a UFO or alien forum, and there’s plenty of those out there for that level of conversation to run on… please keep to the subject of magickal practice and spiritual philosophy.

Given that “alien” spirits can and have been worked with in people’s UPG, just the same as other non physical entities, then it doesn’t matter if they are physical, we can work with them magickally in all capacities.

If this post carries on about physical ETs and the politics around that I will close it as off topic. Please take that elsewhere. Again, BALG is not a UFO forum.

Please remember politics as a topic still has a moratorium on it on this forum.


I wholeheartedly believe they are demons/ fallen angels pretending to be “ aliens” to trick people, just like they pretend to be ghosts & so much more. The things they do white abductees is downright evil & Cruel & the messages they give people are always NewAge & anti- Christian, dare I say :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:they abduct some folks their whole lives against their will since they were young children & threaten them if they tell people about it, etc. & the same painful procedures they do to people are done in hospitals with pain management for them but not for abducted people,& they suffer lifelong Trauma.then the “ aliens” erase their memory of the event but a lot of them have bad dreams about it or remember under hypnosis. There is supposedly a whole alien/ human hybrid program that has been going on very long now!’ & some think these beings will be part of Satan’s end time army. They are not extraterrestrial but Interdimentional beings. The greys are simply avatars or suits that are worn by demons to carry out their work since they have no body & need something to inhabit. Whitley Strieber even talked about seeing several of these grey suits being stacked up like chairs


I think it’s possible that what would be perceived as alien sightings, could be a lot less nuts and bolts and more a protection of something astral.
I also think most of the sightings are BS. Either the observer is seeing another (scientifically backed) phenomenon or something that is not really there (either deliberately or hallucination)

My friend finished making a documentary recently about sightings on and around an old US airbase in the Netherlands in the 50’s and the 70’s, which has me wondering. The the various sightings are mass sightings (3 or more perceivers) and by military personel, trained to be observant.

No. While statistically speaking, it is improbable that humans are alone in the universe, I do not believe that aliens visit us or interfere in our development. There is zero factual evidence for such. And to be honest, when looked at from a historical perspective, aliens seem to be the 20th century version of angels and demons, just without the religion attached (though some alien conspiracists do sound like evangelical zealots).

Metaphysically speaking, some entities do seem to appear in standard alien garb for whatever reason. In his book Path Notes of An American Ninja Master, for example, Glenn Morris describes doing some astral training with ninjitsu grandmaster Hatsumi when they were attacked by something that resembled the stereotypical “Grey” alien. And in his book about the US military Stargate program, Joseph McMoneagle talks about having an out of body experience in which he was on an alien world where the people could see his astral form and smiled at him, after he took a bullet to the helmet in combat (it was this experience that resulted him being recruited to participate in the remote viewing program).


Yep :+1:t2:

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You are correct, but I disagree on the fact that aliens did not interfere with our development. There is evidence and several accounts from various cultures and peoples that there has been contact with beings from other dimensions.


You’re welcome to disagree. However, in my opinion, there is no verifiable evidence, and anecdotal accounts are not sufficient for such a claim.


Honestly, I hope they’re real. I think it would be really cool to know that we’re not alone in the universe.

However, I doubt there are other lifeforms that would be interested in interfering with our development. It sounds unproductive. If these beings are so advanced that they can travel across the galaxy within minutes, then it seems kind of silly that they would invest in a people that are not on the same level as them technologically speaking. They’d be more concerned about their own species.

I think if they did come to Earth, it would probably be to study from afar.


Honestly, I find the whole “aliens travelled the universe to come to earth just to mess with humans” line of thinking to be on the same level as the old Catholic belief that the earth was the centre of the universe just because according to their religious book mankind was God’s favourite. Essentially, it all boils down to, “Humans are super duper special so of course everyone wants a piece.”


Yes. Considering the extraordinary vastness out there it would seem to be extremely improbable that life only occurred in one place.
But have any ever been around this neck of the woods? Whereas I have no way of knowing for certain, I am unaware of any robust evidence to suggest that they have.

In the latter half of the last century there was some sort of venn diagram like overlap between alien enthusiasts and new agers which has spawned many vast and complex theories and conspiracy notions.
What is notably present in these is grandiose claims. What is notably absent is evidence or even robust rationales to support these claims.

Emphasis: “According to the book”.

Whereas people can believe as they choose, I do encourage people to consider the reliability of sources, and whether these sources present evidence in support of their claims.

To avoid digressing too far from the purpose of this forum, I will add that it may well be that people interacting with spirits or thoughtforms or simply having a telepathic experience may presume that they are in contact with an alien if that aligns to their belief system. Of course I have no way of knowing for sure.


There is a really good book on this subject, titled “Unholy communion- “ the alien abduction phenomenon. Where it originates & how it stops” by Joseph Jordan

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I think they are real yes for sure, i work with yog-sthoth for alien magic

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The author of the book says she is a Pleaidean who has reincarnated into a human avatar

I believe the Annunaki aliens came here and enslaved us in Sumerian times, but were also forced to evolve us and give us civilization so that we could work for them. Like if you’re gonna have slaves for mining, you need them all in one place and not as at the time outspread as hunters and gatherers, and voila cities suddenly arose. You need to have a steady supply of food for your slaves, and voila all of a sudden humanity learned farming. Farmers must be able to predict the seasons to be able to plan planting in time and voila all of a sudden they learnt astronomy and math.
But they also tricked us into worshipping one of their own as God, which is why I believe the God of the Old Testament actually is Marduk, and God of the New Testament most likely Absu (their enemy, one of the Old ones).

I believe the Annunaki are still here physically and spiritually and even though The Necronomicon Spellbook is great to work with, I now avoid it in order not to get tied into them, since it is NOT in their interest to get more magicians, hence the whitch hunts.
Instead work with their enemy and use The Book of the Old Ones by Carl Nagel. Great and VERY strong energies there. Almost made me faint a few times. Also get acquainted with Kingu (Qingu). Have only used the pathworking in The Grimoire of Tiamat. Consider we are built from the blood of Kingu and the body of Tiamat (soil) it definitively makes sense.

Clif High (often presented as the smartest man of Earth) describes his version well in an interview with Sarah Westall.


As far as Annunaki, Enlil was genetically engineering human slaves , so I would find it hard to trust a god of such character. I find Enlil a big turnoff to working with Anunnaki for any magickal purpose myself](

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I think that the aliens that we now see are the same angels and demons that people used to see. The mind changed whatever they actually are to what the human mind can believe or interpret. I mean that in 1200 you would have seen an angel and now people see an alien. It is a failsafe in the human brain so we do not go crazy.
As far as Aliens being able to fly here using physical science ways I do not believe it is possible. Now I believe that spirits from different dimensions can come here. I also believe that ‘folding space’ that is talked about in the Dune books will be possible.

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True. I heard that in times before cars they appeared as other beings, like Fairies, elves, etc, & they change their appearance as times & technology have gotten more modern

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